Lucas – The Choice For The Faith Of Humanity Is ALL Yours – 7 April 2014 wisely what is your intent and contribution towards humanities faith or better said new paradigm. It is up to you all what your internal heart-source clock says to you while ticking away the proverbial seconds.  All is played out within as on the outside now.

Nothing is in control just all is in movement and forced in a way into balance. If we will not find the balance and get working on the same, source will reset all. Still people talk about timelines… there is only one and nothing else as all is upon that without any exception. You can belief whatever…. or just know.

The people on this planet are in the moment violently swung around in their unresolved issues of polarities on personal levels and beyond. It is time you chose what you want, balance or polarity or doing things for all or just for  Me Myself and I. Are you chosing change for the better of all or just still a bit for you first.

Choices are yours but as part of all choices to be taken into consideration by source all has its  effect upon what the unexpected outcome for all will be. Is it a reset of all or a multiple way of new ways. As said for a long time await the unexpected and  therefore: We will see!  Still make your choices and know there is no wrong or right in that.

We are at a turning point in the moment of now. We see the good the bad and the ugly as it is the choices and polarities faced till balance within and therefore on the outside is reached. Know that all of you contribute to the outcome for all. There is always in the moment of now a space for you to consider your choices and make a new one.

I will just say this for your consideration that no extreme polarity in the negative or the positive will bring balance. Not only love nor only hate, pain and suffering will do. You will have to find balance within yourselves as it is your path that you have to walk. We will know when we arrived and jump all over the finish line together.

My observations will be few this month. I am seeing things all will unfold in the way they will unfold.  It is time to take the backseat and just let all find its resolution. You may make your choise. I chose for all humanity to make it into the new in balance, as individual creator beings working together without boundaries. If we created that what is needed for all, you can create for yourselves your own ways.

Maybe I will see you after this month or not. Just know I have given my views and observations for you all to discern and take it in or not.  I do all in service to all and for free even when in the  now I lose all that keeps my life going. We will gain in the end always more than we will lose.  It is a bumpy ride to find eventually the new and unexpected. Be sure still to see it for what it is and enjoy!

Much love and light,


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  2. Excellent article Luc. Thank you brother for your service ❤