John Ward – Right, This Is Your Very Last And Final Chance To Come To Heel, Otherwise I Will Do Something Grave – 8 April 2014

JohnWI should just like to make it clear this evening that there will be “grave consequences” if any more comment threaders doubt the grave nature of those consequences that shall befall the US Fed, the Bank of England, the European Central Bank and the British Treasury if they try to annex and then manipulate any more of the markets in which I used to invest.

Mr Vladimir Draghi and Ms Janetska Yellenovitch should think twice before embarking on any further devious adventures involving savings accounts, pension funds, and thinly-disguised attempts to transfer the blame for our ills to the Slogging Classes.

Already, it is clear my blanket boycott of Italian 5 year Bonds has thrown ClubMed into turmoil, and disguised QE onto the back burner. Unless some kind of accord is reached – and soon – about plans to federalise the remaining rump of my money, I shall have no choice but to move the Slogcom alertness level up from grave to dire, and withdraw my hitherto fiercely loyal support for the Uzbekistani Som. You have been warned.

When you are a chap like me – the future of the global economy lies, after all, primarily in my hands – there are times when the responsibility of it all weighs heavily on the psyche. But then I read paragraphs of tripe-filled tosh like this effort from Alistair Heath, and remember that it is the unthinking idiots who will always bear the brunt of the blame for what is to come:

‘It’s time for the Coalition to allow consenting adults to shop freely on Sundays…. It would also do wonders for the Government’s image: shopping, loved by millions but hated by snobs, would no longer be officially discouraged….in Scotland, supermarkets are free to trade as they please. The result is that many large shops open 24/7, and the moral order hasn’t collapsed…’

What moral order would that be, we wonder. We might also ponder as to why a dislike of shopaholism has anything to do with snobbery, and everything to do with watching a civilisation in freefall.

In the future, Alistair Heath will be lampooned as a completely unconscious Great McGonigal figure. He really is a prat of very narrow consequential vision indeed. link to original article


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