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ActivistPost – New Film – Vaccines: Are They Safe And Effective? – 9 April 2014

Logo_activistpost-comYou can help complete this documentary. You can be a part of ensuring that this groundbreaking video on vaccine safety is completed. Featuring a discussion between Boyd Haley and Paul Offit, the documentary offers important insights on what can happen when industry profits, rather than human health, drive government vaccine recommendations.

Dr. Offit appears often on national television as an expert on vaccination. By not inviting any of his many critics, the mainstream media gives the impression that he has none. This false impression leaves the public uninformed on the very real threats posed to children’s health through an overly aggressive vaccine program that now recommends children receive an astounding 48 vaccines by the age of six. Continue reading


GlobalTimes – Senior Chinese, Russian Officials Discuss Energy Cooperation – 9 April 2014

Global Times

China and Russia on Wednesday agreed to expand their energy cooperation during a meeting between Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli and Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich.

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SustainablePulse – Monsanto Request Removal Of Mexican Judge Over GM Maize Ban – 9 April 2014


Monsanto have requested the removal of an Appeals Court Judge in Mexico, who ruled against them in the ongoing legal battle on the prohibition of GM Maize in the country.

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ZeroHedge – Greece To Issue First 5Y Bond Since Bailout At Lowest Yields Since 2009 – 9 April 2014

ZeroHedgeFor the first time since the bailout/restructuring, Greece will issue long-term debt to the public markets. These 5 year-term English Law bonds (which is entirely unsurprising given the total lack of protection local-law bonds suffered during the last restructuring) are expected to yield between 5 and 5.25%. That is modestly higher than Russia, below Mexico, and one-sixth of the yield investors demanded when the crisis was exploding. The secondary market has rallied to this entirely liquidity-fueled level leaving onlookers stunned (and likely Draghi et al. also). Greece must be ‘fixed’ right? Just don’t look at the chart below…

Greece is rated Caa3 by Moody’s Investors Service and B- by Standard & Poor’s Corp. and Fitch Ratings.

The commotion is US capital markets over huge IPO gains which are due more than anything to very small floats and major ‘get rich quick’ demand can also be found here as the issuance size is minimal leaving a world of yield chasers spying a European nation offering yields over 5% that is currently not rioting…

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ActivistPost – Joe Martino – Toronto Begins Push To Implement Street Checks – 9 April 2014

Logo_activistpost-comThe Toronto Police Services Board has just released its draft policy on street checks as they push for implementation. The practice is highly controversial for a number of reasons as this would give the right for police to stop citizens and document personal details without arresting or charging them.

The policy comes just a month after a class-action complaint filed by the Black Action Defence Committee with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, alleging that Toronto Police are involved with racial profiling. While personally I doubt they would ever admit it, it seems quite obvious that the police don’t treat every citizen equally. In New York street checks have been a huge problem as a great deal of racial profiling has gone on; and since cops are given quotas for street checks, arrests and tickets each month, it leaves the door open for even more shady behavior by cops. Click here for more about the NYPD’s street check program and the kid who exposed their involvement with racial profiling.

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Wes Annac – Humor: Medicine For the Soul – 9 April 2014

wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac, Conscious Oneness

Humor is an important tool in our development of a higher-dimensional perception, because it increases our quality of life and enables us to experience a heightened level of joy. Some forms of humor can easily be used as a weapon (like sarcasm), but this doesn’t decrease the genuine help it gives us in lightening ourselves up. Continue reading

De-Invest From The West: Russia Urges Companies To Return Assets To The Motherland – 9 April 2014

RT logoAs the US and Europe escalate talks of sanctions, Russia is recommending companies unregister abroad and bring their shares to the Moscow Exchange to protect from possible future sanctions and provide economic security.

“Companies that have listed shares on the New York Stock Exchange, London need to seriously reconsider,” Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov told reporters in Moscow on Tuesday.

Sanctions by the West have ramped up over the geopolitical action in Ukraine, and Russian business and politicians have been the target of asset freezes and visa bans.

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‘Most Challenging’ Deadly Disease Outbreak: WHO Speaks Out On Ebola Dangers – 9 April 2014

RT logoWest Africa is seeing the “most challenging” outbreak of Ebola virus since the disease was discovered 40 years ago. It comes as the death toll reaches over 100, the World Health Organization reported.

“This is one of the most challenging Ebola outbreaks we have ever faced,” Keiji Fukuda, assistant director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO) told a news briefing.

The most severe cases of the illness have had a 90 percent fatality rate, and there is no vaccine, cure or specific treatment.

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Crimea’s New Constitution Put Up For Discussion – 9 April 2014

RT logoThe new draft constitution of Crimea describes it as a unitary and indivisible republic and brings the election system closer to Russian standards, according to a press report.

The document had been developed with the help of Russian lawyers, coordinated with Russian federal officials, business daily Kommersant reported on Wednesday. On Friday the draft will be discussed in the State Council of the Crimean Republic and chances are high that it will be approved, the newspaper added.

All parts of the Russian Federation have separate Constitutions or charters with details on regional languages and culture as well as general guidelines for development. The Crimean Autonomous Republic had its own constitution when it was part of Ukraine, but now it must be altered to technically match the Russian laws.

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NaturalNews – Mike Adams – Tell Starbucks To Stop Serving Monsanto: No More GMOs In Our Lattes – 9 April 2014

Naturalnews-Logo2(NaturalNews) When you buy a latte at Starbucks, you may be inadvertently funneling money into Monsanto’s pockets, too. It turns out that the milk served in Starbucks products comes from cows raised on genetically modified animal feed such as GM corn and soy products. “These crops degrade the quality of our land and water, perpetuate corporate-controlled agriculture, and have potentially negative health impacts on livestock,” says GMO Inside. “Additionally, the overuse of antibiotics in industrialized farming is contributing to the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, putting us all at risk.” Continue reading