Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 410 – 10 April 2014

AishaNorthThe tides they have indeed changed, and so much will change with it, as this incoming riptide of energies will continue to create upheaval in all of the old sediments still obscuring mankind’s vision of reality. For you are still very much in the dark as to what the real reality is, as the great majority is still immersed in this old fog of illusion, or perhaps we should rephrase that into this old fog of disillusion. For still you will see an abundance of negativity around you, that is, if you choose to tune into those channels still busy sending out these same negative signals. But if you have managed to tear yourself away from the old drama still being played out on those old screens that have been set up between mankind and their inner core, you will already have started to see not only through this old illusion, but you will also have seen the first new glimpses of that brand new reality being played out in its full technicolour splendor.

For what you see is merely a small fragment of what you are about to get, as these ever increasing incoming waves of light will continue to wash away more and more of the old illusion. And as that disappears, what has been portrayed as the stark, grim reality in shades of black and grey will start to disperse like grimy water down the drain, and the true colours in every sense of the word will start to emerge. For just as some of those old masterpieces created by long ago geniuses will be restored back to their former glory by a steady hand and a skilled technician into becoming vibrant and alive once again, so too will this world reemerge from a sea of murkiness, darkness and despair and shine in all of its splendor once more. And this is not something that you will have to wait long for, for this is a process that is already well on its way. And for some of you, those first tantalizing signs of this vibrant newness have already become apparent, both within you, but also as you gaze around you, looking into the hearts and the eyes of your fellow men.

For remember, this reappearance of glory comes from within you all, it is not something that will be applied on the outside, like a coat of varnish covering up some old dents and scratches, like people do to try to dress up something they are trying to sell off to a less suspecting person. For this change is not a superficial one, made up to make it look new. No, this is a profound change taking place from the inside out, changing every single molecule within your body into a brand new version of you, a new version vibrating at such a high frequency, it in turn will help to retune anything and anyone it comes into contact with. For you are indeed the walking healers we have talked about earlier, and as you have already started to hum to this new tune, you have already started this escalating process of evolution within so many of your fellow men as well, by your mere presence in their vicinity. And as you go about your daily chores, you bring this harmony of souls with you wherever you go, making this harmonic sing out loud and clear all over the place and as a result, every single particle within range will pick up this vibration and start to react to it.

Make no mistake, some of the reaction you will engender may be thought of as negative. That is, if you fail to understand that someone acting up or lashing out in anger in your presence do so because they feel the inner turmoil from their own god spark starting to sing out in order to join in in this heavenly choir that you represent. And so, any sudden bursts of anger or negativity from anyone around you are simply signs of them noticing their own inner spark for the very first time. This is simply a normal reaction from having been immersed in the same low frequencies forever, for as soon as you enter the picture, something profound starts to happen within them, and this will not go unnoticed. But for the most part, the reaction you will get, will be one of recognition, a sudden smile, a deep, penetrating look or a nod of approval from someone you least expected it from. You will also go around noticing nothing at all at times, but do not let that lead you into thinking you are not having an effect at all. For now, you can not help but have an effect, for you are so deeply entrained within that huge wave of energetic harmonics that is sweeping all across your globe, your very presence will serve to enhance these signals in such a way, even the dimmest of lights cannot fail to pick them up.

So again we say thank you for being who you are and for doing what you do, for you are bringing light into every single heart on this planet. And as you move about, you also serve to enhance the connection between heaven and earth in a very literal way, as you also serve as the physical anchors that help to connect most of the incoming currents to the very surface of this planet. And through you passes an enormous amount of light and information, information that is instrumental in rewriting the history of mankind, and information that is instrumental in rewriting your DNA in a way that ensures that all of the old locks will become unlocked again by a myriad of different key frequencies that together will ensure a total freedom for your physical body to start to function at optimum capacity.

For as you already know, even your scientists have had to acknowledge the fact that a human body seems to be far more advanced than what you have been able to tap into, and they have calculated that what you are utilizing today, both of you brainpower and also of some of those other forms of intelligence they have managed to detect within your physical body, is merely a small percentage of what seems to be available. And as you perhaps also know from the old schoolbooks, nature does not waste any energy in maintaining systems that are not of any use. So perhaps this will help you all to understand that you already carry within you all that you need in order to rectify the old wrongs on this planet, and all that needs to be done, is to set the rest of these magnificent inner reservoirs of energy and information into full use. After all, that is why you have them in you in the first place, and if they were not meant for use, evolution would simply have made them disappear a long, long time ago, just like gills and webbed feet were no longer a necessity when your “forefathers” started to walk on land. And so, these old and up until now undiscovered treasures will come into full effect one by one, and as they do, so will your capacity to change the rest of this world back into its former glory emerge in full.

For you are here not only to facilitate this change, but also to enact it. With a little help from our side of the veil of course, but still, you are the ground crew, here to make the dreams come alive in every single way. And not only will you have the pleasure of making it happen, you will also have the pleasure of savouring the wondrous results. And that, dear ones, is  a gift that no one deserves better than you. For you have done all of the hard work, you have literally started from scratch by pulling yourselves out of the morass, and now, the time has come to start to pull the rest of the world with you. And no, this does not mean that the burden will increase, it is quite the opposite. For as you all manage to release all of the pent up energy and knowledge that has been hidden within, you will also shift into a manner of existence that will serve to literally lift you out of the drag of the old density. And as such, the burdens of yesterday will be no more, and what you will experience, is the joy and the rush of the elevation, not the heavy weight of negativity that used to try to pull you further down.

For you will no longer suffer from this gravity of the old, instead you will be lifted by the lightness of the new to new heights, and as you lift, the rest of the world will be buoyed by your ever increasing lightness. And so, what seemed to be the heaviest burden of all will become a lesson in enlightenment – in every sense of the word. So let us leave it at that and leave you to ponder our words, and make sure that you take ample time to tune in to your brand new inner channels. For that is where you will find the good news, and they will continue to arrive in an ever increasing stream in the days ahead as these incoming energies continue to lift you all ever higher above the old and outgoing mode of existence. / link to original article

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