Aisha North – A Short Update On The Energies – 12 April 2014

AishaNorthAs many of you have noted, this quickening is indeed an ongoing project, and even if you do manage to get a small breather here and there, these times can indeed best be described as consisting of a steady stream of ever increasing manifestations of energetic missives being hurled at you at an ever increasing speed. In other words, it takes a deft hand to be able to juggle all of this and still be able to find a sense of purpose in it all, because as you are now well and truly immersed in this express train heading towards that ever approaching gateway you see so tantalizingly ahead, you might find it hard to simply BE. For as we told you, maintaining a connection to the NOW is indeed essential in all of this, but as we also told you, in times like these, it will be more challenging than usual. And we venture to guess that you can all agree to this at least at some point during your day.

For as these energies continue to toss you to and fro as they continue to hurl towards your planetary and indeed your physical body in a relentless procession, you will find yourself almost devoid of any sense of equilibrium. Some have compared it to a sense of free falling, and even the very word itself may bring many an anxious knot in many a fluttery stomach. But remember, when we talk about free falling, it is not as in falling down or tumbling back down into those lower vibrations, quite the opposite. This sense of free fall, of a strange kind of weightlessness or inability to perceive your own boundaries in the old way, is actually a sign of you being elevated in frequency once again. So what seems to be bringing you down is actually lifting you ever higher, but as your physical body has a hard time reading all of these confusing new signals coming into your body from the outside, it will resort to utilizing the same old detection system that will read these encrypted signals for something else entirely. And so, what is in effect good news will be mistaken for the opposite, and as your physical body has not yet managed to retune itself completely in order to fully interpret all of these new kind of messages, it will again fall back into triggering the old alarm bells in all sorts of ways.

Remember, your body has been used to maintaining status quo for such a long time that whenever it enters a period of so much variability and newness, it is apt to go off on a signal of distress-spree again, and we know that many of you have been feeling this in various ways. So yes, these are indeed intense times, and they may engender a whole lot of different physical and indeed emotional challenges for many of you, but again, the root cause for all of this is indeed something that will benefit you all. And it is already highly beneficial to you, it is simply that you physical body needs time to readjust itself so that it too can start to relax a little bit more in this brand new energetic atmosphere that is being put into place around you.

For remember, even if you have all shifted into this brand new environment already and you have started to take the first deep breaths of this new and far more sustainable atmosphere, this atmosphere is far from stable. And when we say that, it is not to imply that it is fragile or out of balance, it is simply to signal that this new energetic environment is still very much in its infancy, and it will continue to grow, evolve and expand at an increasing rate. Again, you are not capable of managing to ingest the full spectrum of these energetic potentials just yet, and therefore, these particles will be coming at you in ever increasing increments, the better to allow your already hard pressed bodies to absorb and interact with them.

So take it slow, and allow your body the time and the space it needs in order to habituate itself with all of this new, and remember to check in with your center on a daily basis, the better to find the assurance you will need in these rather tumultuous times. For now, everything is in flux, and we do mean that very literally, but the only thing not being affected by all of this energetic reconstruction is your inner core. For that is permanently engraved with the endless vibrations of Creation, and as such, it knows where you are heading. For it is already there, guiding you home, step by step, and it will help you to find your way no matter how confusing your surroundings will be. Both those within your very own body, but also everything that surrounds that amazing physical vehicle you inhabit.

So again we say that all is well, and that is the answer you will get from yourself whenever you find the time to sit back in silence and just BE with you. And that is what we ask you to do in the time ahead. For we think you will find that the noise and confusion will only continue to reverberate more and more through not only your body, but your whole world. So stay connected to you, and you will find those pockets of calm assurance that will help you to weather out any storm you might encounter in the days ahead. And remember, you are made of far, far stronger stuff than you can even begin to imagine, and no storm, energetic or otherwise, is able to blow you apart so long as you maintain a firm connection to YOU. / link to original article

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