John Ward – The Strange Chain That Links Harriet Harman, Cyril Smith, Nigel Evans, Dave Lee Travis, Boris Johnson, Rupert Murdoch, Leon Brittan, Nick Clegg And David Cameron – 13 April 2014


It is the mess created by zealots and perverts in the past that makes the legal treatment of sex cases such an Orwellian nightmare today

While Attorney General Dominic Grieve is to discuss ‘failed sexual assault and rape cases’ brought against everyone from Dave Lee Travis (still facing two more charges) to the homosexual Nigel Evans, the woman instrumental in starting much of this claptrap, Harriet Harman, is once again launching into her Wimmin shtick. The male hierarchy at Parliament is part of “a recipe for a culture in which sexual harassment can prevail,” Labour’s deputy leader said, adding “you have to have very strong procedures and send down the message that this is not acceptable, that you should be encouraged to complain and your complaint will be dealt with”. I have no doubt that Hattie is a one for the Strong Procedures, and I’d imagine that’s what Jack Droney likes, fnar fnar. But sadly, once again Hat missed this vital fact in the data: the Channel 4 News investigation into sexual harassment at Westminster this week said young men were more likely to be sexually harassed than women, with 40% of the men interviewed saying they had received unwanted sexual advances.

There is a point to this beyond my usual gratuitous swipe at those who see all and discern nothing. For while this dangerous woman (I gave her joint First position as Britain’s most anti-democratic, illiberal pol along with Boris Johnson way back in 2009) offered these remarks in a Radio 4 interview yesterday, she pointedly said nothing at all about four juries in a row effectively telling the cps, Harman and all their lunatic fellow-travellers to go f**th and multiply. The irony of what’s going on here is contained within the sick agendas of both main UK Parties:

1. Harman wants these cases to continue because her narrow, completely bent out of shape view of gender issues demands Show Trials until, at last, one day a bloke is found guilty. Of something. Something that more often than not happened forty years ago when societal mores were, dare I say it, a tad more sane. For Ms Harman is keen on the Stalinist idea of retrospective legislation: she wanted to legislate in 2010 to make something Fred Goodwin had done illegal, and then backdate it. It took several colleagues to slap her very hard and say there was no way the ECHR would buy such a fascist idea.

2. The Tories want these cases to continue because (a) they distract from their own paedophiliac past as evidenced in gory detail – on tape, no less – at Elm House thirty odd years ago, and (b) it suits the Murdoch strategy of distraction from the Old Bailey Coulson/Brooks trial (now five weeks overdue for a verdict) and positioning the BBC as a sink of disgusting iniquity…where, you’ll recall, Jimmy Savile “groomed a nation”.

But ironic becomes obscene when one returns to the minority paedophilia form still flourishing (albeit as a tiny percentage of all child sex-abuse cases) in Britain’s various forms of State care. And it was brought into stark contrast this weekend when it emerged that the the school where deceased Liberal Democrat MP Cyril Smith served as chairman of governors now faces multiple new charges of child abuse dating from the 1970s and 1980s.

Like Jimmy Savile, Smith has the useful advantage of being dead, and not a Tory MP. But we must return to the key point here which the entire political Establishment would have you all miss and/or forget:

It is not the number or nature of these abhorrent crimes that is the issue here. It is that their existence was covered up again and again by the most senior Law officials and legislators in the land over four decades…and the cover-up continues.

This is why all the charges become so doubtful 30-40 years on, because almost all those involved are older with failing memories, or in a casket somewhere. I don’t know how many times I have to make this point too, but  once more with feeling just for the record:

I have bordering on zero interest in paedophiles and their crimes against children, because I find the area repellent. I stumbled upon it while researching child-trafficking evidence (and myriad other politico-legal corruption) in Plymouth eight years ago. My concern is solely, as always, to unmask those who have used their power and privilege to cover up what was and still is a hard-core network of sexual psychotics who remain beyond arrest. It is nearly always the rooting out of abusive privilege, legal inequality and perversion of justice that floats my boat. Not, I repeat not, the ravings of potential child murderers with a potentially dangerous mental condition.

And so it is that we return full circle to Harriet Harman; for much as she and Dromey continue to fudge on the issue of their youthful enthusiasm for “rainbows of sexual experience” (Harman’s phrase, not mine) their Loopy-loo past was what helped the vicious sadism of Men with Nice Shoes to flourish: that, and the willingness of a Mason-dominated police force to look the other way.

Equally, we see here again why The Other Lot are just as keen to have us look the other way: over 35 years, first Leon Brittan and Michael Havers, then William Hague et al thereafter, buried the evidence at Elm House. The direct line to contemporary politics is drawn in the shape of Brittan being a close friend of Nick Clegg, and David Cameron having hired Brittan as a trade consultant in late 2010. And the line is inked in today with the continuing skill shown by…there’s that name again, Boris Johnson…in discouraging lines of enquiry and dragging as many feet as possible on the now fourth time reopened case of the Elm House abuse story. (This is the same BoJo, let us remember, who conspired with Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks to strangle the Newscorp hacking case at birth).

The landscape of alleged sexual abuse in Britain is now so blurred and complex, most citizens are bored, confused, ill-informed – and in some instances, criminally misinformed. The culprit, as ever, is the privileged power of political tribes who increasingly sneer at the blindfold on Old Mrs Bailey’s eyes. There is politics, fine: but there is also culture, the Rule of Law, a Constitution and dedicated police officers. Bit by bit – at an accelerating rate – these organs of the State are being politicised by the crypto-Nazis calling the shots.

Without a united front to stop it – and the monied corporatocracy that feeds it – incompetent commercial dictatorship will doom liberal democracy in Britain. Sooner than you might imagine.

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