John Ward – Readerama: Antonis Samaras, George Osborne And Tepco Slug It Out For Liar Of The Year Award – 14 April 2014

JohnWAn Athenian Slogger points out to me that Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has ruled out the need for a third loan programme for Greece, insisting that the markets’ positive response to last week bond’s issue is the first step toward the country emerging from its economic crisis. This just two weeks after they were slipped more money under the table….and four months at most until their next debt repayment will swamp the Greek Exchequer without further EC funds.

Antonikis is (I know) not the sharpest card in the pack, but the New Democracy bourgeois voting tribe who hang on his every word really are way further down the evolutionary tree than most folks. Samaras in turn couldn’t resist taking a crack at Syriza’s Alexis Tsipras – still the bloke most likely to send the Coalition packing – and at Golden Dawn –  whom (for all their appalling gutter politics) were framed by the PM just three short months ago.

It’s neck and neck now between Antonikis and Georgie Osborne pudding and lie for the coveted Dissembler of the Year Award. Wolfgang Schäuble has carried off the trophy effortlessly three years in a row, but this time he has a tough game on his hands.

Osborne is, despite the Samaras bare-faced lie syndrome, way out in front for the award so far. George’s latest coup is to introduce Offshore Account legislation that will reverse the thousand year principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty’. The Chancellor’s  new law will shift the “burden of proof” for those with offshore accounts, meaning that accused individuals under investigation must demonstrate that no tax evasion was involved…..because from now on, the assumption will be that it was.

I am left wondering whether Mr Osborne’s close mate “Taxis” Yeo will also be called into question under his alias, “Taxes” Yeo. Disbarred MP Timothy does after all have a long history of using his wife’s name in vain…and with flagrant disregard for HMRC rules.

Mind you, I am left wondering with a greater degree of anxiety about WTF is happening over in the Fukushima  region of Japan. There is a variety of nuclear water contamination known as ‘a nuclides’. But although Tepco plans to discharge contaminated groundwater into the Pacific from this coming June, the company it seems isn’t going to analyze (or put a safety limit on) α nuclides including Plutonium-238/239/240 and Uranium-235/238 in such discharged water.

Giving a response to the local fishery cooperative, α nuclides will be excluded from the checking list. No matter how contaminated by Plutonium, Uranium, or / and Americium the water is, the pumped water will be discharged without limits.

This strikes me as more than a little cavalier. Is anyone on this side of the planet still interested? / link to original article

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