Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 412 – 19 April 2014

AishaNorthAs the days dawn you will see the magnificence of this giant new energetic bubble that holds you all safely contained within its shimmering sphere, and so, the days and the nights you enter will also be contained within this sphere of influence, this sphere of loving care that is protecting you all from the debris of yesteryear. Again we speak in convoluted terms, but we use these somewhat lofty words to try to describe the literally otherworldly world you have entered by now.

For you are no longer members of the old club, the club that had one simple rule in order to contain the entirety of all of its members, and that rule was the rule of fear. For as long as you adhered to that rule, you found yourself bound hand and foot to something that seemed to be a beneficial place, for that old club of fear was the club that counted the vast majority of mankind amongst its members. For safety used to come in numbers, and therefore, the fear club was the most popular one of them all. Not only that, anyone brave enough to venture outside the strict conformity that this club adhered to, was instantly ostracised and shunned and in the most grievous of cases, persecuted by all those still clinging to the perceived safety of the old prison walls. And so, mankind’s emergence from the dark ages was a story of imprisonment, a story of self-imposed limitations, and a story of heedless following of the old edict of disempoverment. But that old club, so bereft of vitality and lifeblood by now is slowly but surely crumbling to pieces, and what remains of its members are also slowly but surely crumbling away as you and so many like you have left this old and suffocating membership behind. And as you stepped away, you created a new hole in the wall, a hole that enabled more and more of these formerly blind members to finally see the light for themselves, and so they too rubbed the sleep from their eyes and decided to join you here, out in the sun and out in the light, where the air is fresh and the heart’s longing for freedom can finally be answered.

Make no mistake, being a pioneer and a freedom fighter like you comes at a cost, and it is indeed a price many of you have been willing to pay for many a lifetime. For this is not the first time you have carved yourself through these walls of limitation, but this is the first time that you have managed to not only pull yourself free from this old prison, you have also been able to make the walls themselves come down so that a multitude of your fellow men could follow in your footsteps. Remember, the history of mankind is filled with single-minded people, brave souls daring to go where no man has gone before them, willing and able to stand up for what they believe is the truth, a truth that no one else around them adhere to, but still, the truth they simply have to speak out for.

And so, time after time, these brave souls have been hunted into silence and hunted into extinction, but the seed they managed to sow, was not lost, it just bided its time until the time was right. And now, that hidden stash of undetected seed have all taken root and they have pushed away that forbidding topsoil of hatred and cruelty fuelled by fear that has tried to keep any sign of life in check, and so, all of those sprouts are coming into bloom, and you all carry one of these golden seeds within your heart. For that is where it found the fertile ground it needed in order to begin to stir into life. And in that shimmering glow of the light that you permitted to enter the deep, forgotten corners of your very being this little seed, planted such a long time ago by one of your forebears, sprang into life with a vigour never before seen. Not only on these shores, but anywhere in All of creation.

For remember, even if your recollection goes back many, many years, and you think you have been on this journey towards the light seemingly forever, what you have managed in what is in fact an incredibly short amount of time, is simply astounding. For what you have brought into fruition, is a process that was started eons ago, when darkness fell for the very first time upon what was formerly a true paradise. And as such, even if you all have become more than a little worn and torn by the last few years of hard work liberating yourself from the old clutches of fear, you are simply the last in a long, long line of freedom seeking souls who have trodden upon this very Earth that you call your home. And as such, you are the pinnacle, the crowning glory if you will of a long, illustrious link of lightworkers, finally coming into their own, finally manifesting the dream you carry with you from every shining soul coming before you. And remember, you can count yourself as many of these illustrious forefathers and mothers. For you have come here again and again on the same mission, to plant a seed that was for the future, to make an imprint that would perhaps not be visible during your stay in that one incarnation, but that would become clear for everyone to see some time in the distant future, when the angle of the light would make it stand out in clear and vivid detail.

And now, that future has arrived, making all of the hard work you have done so far in this life and also all of the hard work you did in many previous lives worth while. For now, what has only been a dream for so many generations will finally come into being, and you have already taken those very first steps on the new soil, the fertile soil, the soil that will never be barren again.

For you have created the new Arcadia, the place of your dreams, the home that will nurture your soul just as you will nurture its soil, and together you will flourish in a way that no one can make wither ever again. For you have set up the new coordinates spanning the globe, a grid of lighted beings, encompassing every single node and every single juncture, setting up an entirely new membrane of light that surrounds this whole planet like a life-giving and life enhancing placenta, protecting everything inside of it in an amniotic fluid of light that will serve to cushion and protect you from any outside influence seeking to harm you in any way. For now you have spun your cocoon of light, the one that will enable you all to gradually complete this process of transformation, and even if you have already become the lighted beings you have seeked to be for such a long time, you also need time to fully transition into the complete and complex being that you already carry the blueprints for within.

For many, this will sound like a step backwards, but it is anything but. For you ARE already complete, but you need time to assimilate it all and to develop every single trait of greatness that is already there. For just like an old fashioned photograph having been imprinted on a carefully prepared piece of paper by the light, you also need some time in seclusion to develop fully so that all of the details come out and all of the colours can shine with full brilliance. And so too you, for you have all completed a long and arduous journey already, and even if you will all be called to task in many ways in the time ahead, you will also be called to step back and let time help you to settle into your new you. Not for prolonged periods of time, we are not talking about a life as a hermit living in seclusion, unaccustomed to being out and about with others. No, we are simply referring to a period where you will feel the call to step forward at times and truly shine your own light in all kinds of circumstances, but where you will also be called to step back and just let the light shine on you. For at times, you will also have to take time to focus the full attention on you, so that the light can help you to fully develop into the very best version of you, the one containing all of the depth and all of the details, all of the light and the whole spectrum of colour that is already imprinted into your being.

So again we say, take time to just BE, and know that you are being held safely within this cocoon of light and love, this cocoon that now encompasses your entire globe, and this cocoon that ensures that you are no longer just a solitary passenger within your own little golden egg. For now, those single embryonic sacs that used to carry nutrition and information for just one single soul have merged into a giant orb capable of sustaining you all, and capable of ensuring that the connection between you have reached a brand new level of togetherness, of ONEness, of 1 within a perfect 0.

For this is the code of life, the singularity that is the totality, the 1 and the ALL in a point and in a line, no beginning, no end, just a circle encompassing the ALL of you, and all of you in one single unit, unending and limitless, defined and contained but still undefinable. For you are this, yet you are it all, and still, you have yet to BE all there is for you to be. For you are still growing, and inside this egg, this protective wall of energy in the form of light, you will be held suspended in a loving embrace that will never let go until you know the time is right for you to take to your wings and explore even further. And so, you are incubating within this egg for as long as it takes, and as we can see more than one step ahead, we see that you will once again astonish us all by the speed of your discovery of your true you, and as such, your time as fledgelings will not last for long. For you are already itching to try out those wings of yours you can feel developing under your very skin. For you have not come here to be just a human, you have come here to be so much more, and this last part is now the one that will become apparent to you all as you continue to let the light help all of these wondrous attributes to develop at warp speed. / link to original article

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