Marlene Swetlishoff – Archangel Gabriel – 19 April 2014

marlene1-1Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love that we call poise. This quality is essential in the inner workings of each soul. It manifests from within the person who has an unshakable sense of certainty and self-confidence in their own value and ability. This quality is also developed throughout one’s lifetime and each decision rightly made add to the strength of this quality in one’s everyday existence. When a person follows the guidance found within their heart and gives credence to that still small voice within, they develop mastery over each challenge or obstacle that may arise and gain mastery of self, and as a positive consequence. The inherent quality of poise, dignity and composure in their demeanour is the result. People who have this quality of love within them are self possessed, have dignity of manner and are always graceful and self assured. Because of their balance, direction and readiness, they inspire confidence in those with whom they interact and others find them attractive.

This quality can also manifest in the individual who aligns themselves with the higher aspects of their being on a daily basis. One who starts their day in readiness, acknowledges the Divine and gives thanks for all the good things in their lives finds this quality always at work in every situation and instance that may come before them. It allows them to walk their path with faith and trust that all is well, everything is perfect and their life is unfolding in equilibrium. This is of great value in the empowerment of an individual in the knowing of their worth and their overall feeling of self esteem and equanimity. When there is a strong connection to spirit, there is nothing in the outer world that can faze a person because they have this quality of love and dignity of manner within them. They know that all of life unfolds in grace and wonderful synchronicity. Because they expect and intend the highest and greatest good and outcome for all situations in their lives, they find themselves receiving and experiencing these very gifts.

Aligning to one’s higher aspects each morning as one’s first thought and action of the day creates a field of infinite potential within an individual’s personal energy field. As one expects only the highest and best outcomes for one’s self and those with whom they have relationship, all interactions embody peaceful and harmonious communication and activity. This in turn, manifests the state of joy within each individual and fosters greater compassion, understanding and empathy in all their interactions with others. Where there is love, there is kindness which is reciprocated and returned a hundredfold. As each individual becomes the embodiment of all of the higher aspects of themselves, there is a greater radiance that shines brightly in their personal energy field and it is in this way that greater light is anchored here on Earth. Each person is a walking manifestation of the light of the Creator and each person adds to the greater field of light that is available to all of humanity.

When each individual has this quality within them, they do not need to seek approval or find qualification from others. They hold in balance to manifest the readiness to spring forth. They know it is their divine right to live in a world of peace, harmony and well being. They understand that it is their own responsibility to foster and maintain the positive and constructive qualities of the higher aspects of humanity within their own lives and they do everything within their power to sustain and maintain these in their daily activities. Life becomes a grand adventure filled with exciting and meaningful moments which bring success in the creation and fulfillment of their personal dreams and creative endeavours. These individuals exude this quality of poise and elegance as a part of their energetic signature which hold within them the readiness others around them can immediately sense and recognize on an inner level of being.

This quality within one’s heart serves the one who embodies it in all events that take place in their inner and outer lives. This individual walks the world they live in with confidence and a feeling of security and inner strength. They have encountered many challenges and tests of their inner spirit and they know that there is nothing that they cannot accomplish as long as they maintain their connection to the Divine within them. The universe answers their every thought and expectation with impartial fulfillment and rewards these individuals with synchronistic events that bring them more of what they desire and expect as a part of their soul plan and mission. This quality of poise enables each individual to live their life on Earth with grace, certainty, equanimity, dignity and composure.

I leave you now to ponder the attributes that you embody with such eloquence and grace.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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