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NaturalNews – Ethan A. Huff – FDA Study Claiming BPA Safety ‘Borders On Scientific Misconduct,’ Scientists Say – 21 April 2014

Naturalnews-Logo2(NaturalNews) Shielding from the public its true allegiances to Big Industry over the people has never been much of a concern at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), where public policy is continually crafted in the interests of chemical and pharmaceutical corporations, with blatant disregard and even contempt for public health. And a new faux-study on the plastics chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) recently released by the agency is no exception, as it arrogantly declares the chemical to be safe despite copious scientific evidence proving otherwise. Continue reading


InquiringMinds – Battle News – Easter 2014 On Two Fronts: Scotland And Brussels – 21 April 2014

Inquiring Minds


Dear All

In the last Battle News I talked mainly about the ‘Scottish front’ and have to again today. Sorry to harp on, but what happens north of the border this summer remains critical to achieving success in this 2014 battle for better child-protection in this country as well Scotland being where I’ve been most actively engaged over the past 4 years in the campaign for Justice for Hollie Greig www.holliedemandsjustice.org.uk\

Read the full story and see video at: www.inquiringminds.cc / link to original article

Aisha North – A Short Update on The Energies – 21 April 2014

AishaNorthFor now, it is as if you are holding your breaths, suspended in a stillness of heaven and Earth, anticipation running high, the nerve endings tingling ever so slightly as they sense the incoming tides of benevolent beams approaching. For you are once again awaiting the imminent arrival of emissaries from beyond your skies, emissaries that will uplift you all in manners you have yet to witness. And so we say, go within your heart, the better to witness what will develop. For what you are awaiting, is something that will touch you deeply, and it will do so no matter where you are. For it will be a limitless and borderless event, and it will be one that will be taking place far from the prying eyes of anyone less inclined to welcome these shining beams of brilliant light. For this will once again be a thing of the heart, a whispered conversation between you and All there is, a communication devoid of words, but filled with meaning of the highest intent. Continue reading

The Hyper Report – 140421 – Protecting Children – 21 April 2014

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Steve Lendman – Kiev Breaks Easter Truce – 21 April 2014

StevelendmanOn April 19, Kiev putschists pledged no Easter weekend Eastern Ukraine attacks. They promised “suspension of the active phase of the anti-terrorism operation” to defuse crisis conditions.
A state security service (SBU) spokeswoman said suspension was “linked to the implementation of the Geneva agreement and the Easter holidays.”
Putschist Foreign Minister Andriy Deshchytsia added:
“The anti-terrorist operation was put on hold for the Easter time, and we will be not using force against them at this moment.”

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Steve Lendman – Unacceptable Kiev-Sponsored Murder – 21 April 2014

StevelendmanFascist thugs operate this way. Moscow denounced them. Slavyansk Mayor Vladimir Ponomaryov asked Russia to send peacekeepers for protection. More on this below.
A companion article said Kiev putschists pledged no Easter weekend Eastern Ukraine attacks. Straightaway they occurred.
Earlier deployed Right Sector neo-Nazis murdered 4 Slavyansk activists. They did so in cold blood.
Other gunmen attacked central city residents. Two victims were injured. They remain hospitalized. Expect more Right Sector initiated violence ahead.

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Steve Lendman – Canada Targets Russia – 21 April 2014

StevelendmanRight-wing Prime Minister Stephen Harper marches in lockstep with Washington. He’s Obama’s unctuous little sidekick. He dances to his tune. He partners in his dark side. No pun intended.
Canadian travel restrictions were imposed on senior Russian officials. Crimean ones were targeted. Economic sanctions followed. Last month, Harper announced them, saying:
“It’s my strong belief we must keep the pressure on and we must continue to maintain sanctions and maintain putting in place strong steps to dissuade this behaviour.”

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Chemtrails, Here Is Your PROOF 100% Real “MUST WATCH” – 21 April 2014

Uploaded on 23 March 2014 by Alex Alexander Rosalind Peterson Confirms Chemtrails/Geoengineering/SRM
Are Very real. If you are still in doubt that them lines in the sky are contrails or that the milky haze which lingers all day is NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT, then you are very mistakenThis is PROOF 100% Real.
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ActivistPost – Aaron Dykes – Pressure On Cargill And ADM To Dump GMO After China Rejects Corn Imports – 21 April 2014

Logo_activistpost-comWill trade barriers in China and beyond rein in GMO corn’s grasp on American food?

The United States grows an absurd amount of corn, and more than 90% of that is genetically modified corn, which is then processed and put into foods and drinks of all kinds, particular in its most notorious form – as high fructose corn syrup, as well as dozens of other ingredients.

Read the full story at: www.activstpost.com / link to original article

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Japan Trade Deficit Largest In History; Imports Soar, Exports Barely Up In Spite Of Collapsed Yen – 21 April 2014

MishMikeShedlockThose who think a collapsing currency are a sure-fire way to increase exports need to rethink their beliefs.

Despite a falling Yen, Japan Posts Largest-Ever Trade Deficit.

The gap between the value of Japan’s exports and that of its imports grew by more than two-thirds in the 12 months through March, to Y13.7tn ($134bn), according to government data released on Monday. It was the third consecutive fiscal year of deficits, the longest streak since comparable records began in the 1970s.

Toyota, Hitachi and other large Japanese companies have enjoyed soaring profits as a result of the weaker yen, which has fallen by a fifth against other major currencies since November 2012.

But the improvement has come less from increased exports than from flattered exchange rates on overseas sales. Japanese export volumes have barely risen and the yen value of goods shipped to foreign markets has increased much more slowly than the value of imports.

Exports actually declined slightly by volume in January-March compared with the previous quarter, by 0.2 per cent on a seasonally adjusted basis, according to calculations by Credit Suisse, even as imports grew by 4.5 per cent.

A steady outflow of Japanese manufacturing jobs to lower-cost countries and declining competitiveness in some sectors, such as consumer electronics, has limited the power of a cheap yen to lift exports.

Overall Japanese exports increased 0.6 per cent by volume last fiscal year, Monday’s data showed, leading to a 10.8 per cent rise by value in light of the weaker yen. Imports rose 2.4 per cent by volume and 17.3 per cent by value.

Energy Imports

Japan has 50 nuclear reactors. Every one of them is offline. Abe wants to bring them back online, but the Financial Times reports “analysts think that at most 12-15 of the reactors will ultimately be restarted.”


A falling Yen and rising energy imports, coupled with a slowdown in China and tax hikes in Japan suggest Abenomics is going to be a dismal failure unless the goal is to goose stock prices rather than goose the economy.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
www.globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com/ link to original article