Sophia Love – April 21st Update – 21 April 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

Good Day Sophia and Everyone! Happy Easter to You – the Celebration of Birth and Rebirth/Reincarnation! This is not a christian-only Celebration, it was celebrated since ancient times, this is a time when children are being “made”. This is when Great Circle – Circle of Life begins!

Sunday was an Easter, it was an influx of a lot of great feelings during this date! Notice that Easter was both catholic and orthodox, this is quite rare when two churches have aligned Easter on one date, plus Blood Moon was aligned with one of the jewish tradition’s feasts
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As You can see, much important for jewish nation events happened on lunar eclipse’s tetrads when they aligned with feasts.
Something to add to “coincidences”. As You remember there are no coincidences, everything what is happening is happening because of something, as there is always a reason for it and there is always connection between things that are called “coincidences”. Everything is interconnected.

This is all a part of this grand Cosmic Intervention which We are experiencing at the moment. Big changes (physical) should start happening now on Grand Cross, or after partial Solar Eclipse. We should also meditate, so that changes wouldn’t be “aggressive”, which will create conflicts.

Nothing to say about the news, except that all is the same for now. Situation is very tense, illuminati order are waiting for a possibility to start a big war, they are pushing hard on Ukraine as You can see, U.S. government and CIA are ordering Ukraine to suppress People of east Ukraine with army and radically aligned individuals. Something that is very disturbing. Illuminati’s destiny is written and they are collapsing, yet what troubles us, is that they are stubborn in neverending greed/lust for power and other People’s suffering..

In the coming Earth cycles, meditate/pray for Universal Harmony/Peace on Earth and Your united wish of ending experiment sooner-better! We are already having a form-up of Grand-Cross, and Lightworkers from Cobra’s blog are going to meditate and make wishes on 21st april, so this is a great possibility to bring in great transformation, avoiding any and all conflicts!

Much Peace, Calm and Prosperity to Everyone! / link to original article


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