John Ward – Software Criminality: Focus On Bing….Aka Microsoft – 22 April 2014

gatesarseBing v Googling

Having trawled through three years of forums from 2011 to today, I have to admit defeat and face the fact that there is no way to remove Bing as the search engine from any laptop using Microsoft’s Windows software. Since Microsoft launched the Bing bacillus in 2009 – and early the following year began surreptitiously hijacking every other download and search default request – Google has retaliated with various strategems for wiping it off. Microsoft has decoded all of them and now it seems like Do No Evil has, like me, given up and decided to See No Evil.

This is the internet in 2014: a space without regulation, a neoliberal nirvana….and guest what? Yup, it’s just like having to pay Al Capone protection in South Side Chicago during the early 1930s. Multinational business today is nothing more than a small mutation of The Mafia, but with no Eliot Ness in sight….or indeed, ever likely to be.

We are all being caught in the crossfire between the Capone Gang and the O’Bannion Mob. Every politician in the US, UK and EU should hold their head in shame. But they have no shame, and not much in their heads: they have only Dollar signs in their eyes.

After several attempts using advanced settings, I have temporarily managed to make AOL (Ask) a deleted and untrusted supplier. But then, AOL is just an ISP: it doesn’t run any commercial software of which I’m aware. Microsoft – and that fine philanthropist Bill Gates, the $400bn man who invented a crock of shit and then monopolised supply of it – is now officially above the Law. As threaders here so often remark, “Their game, their rules, their ball”.

Even the cartoon character Mr Magoo could’ve discerned the clear, pressing and blindingly obvious need for tough anti-trust legislation around the World to ban both the monopolist strategy and the gangster methods involved. But we’re not going to get any, are we? Nope, we aren’t. The bastards have won. For now.

I have said this before and I will keep on repeating it until self-styled ‘activists’ wake up: you are wasting your time being in politics. Starve the Piper by upsetting those who pay him, and there will be no more rats in Washington, Westminster, Brussels or Berlin.

And in other news, in September 2011 a Newscorp unit that used lessons gleaned from gangster films to motivate employees and crush rivals was the latest in a long list of Rupert Murdoch’s criminal media empire to be swept up in a probe that began with hacking and bribery allegations. Already by then the subject of inquiries in America and the UK of police payoffs and illegal voice-mail access by its British newspapers, Newscorp was asked by US investigators for documents relating to its News America Marketing Group, which places in-store ads in supermarkets and retailers worldwide. Heading towards three years later, the result has been….nowt.

What’s more, since the turn of the new century, Monsanto has been threatening, smearing and terrorising US farmers and others around the World who refuse to accept the combine’s version of just how safe their GM crops are. Business-linked Parties across the globe have backed GM’s certainty, happy to risk destroying our species food chain forever if it means another billion quid for the next Presidential, general or EU election. The same applies to the roll-over-and-beg attitude of clowns like Dan Hannan and his risible “Let’s get fracking” idiocy.

I don’t know in the end how dangerous on how many levels GM and fracking are….but I have enough doubts as an intelligent man to know that bribery should not be used to reduce or remove our insurance policies…in the horribly likely case that the Full Steam Ahead ‘let’s learn to love DDT and Thalidomide’ fleet turn out to be catastrophically wrong… they were, in turn, about neoliberal economics, appeasement of the Nazis, antibiotics, Communism, the Great War being over by Christmas, radiation being harmless, and Newtonian Physics being settled Universe science.

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