Lucas – The Grand Cross Infusion Is To Bring Out The Real You – 24 April 2014

Logo Lucas_square_wordsI have been pointing out for a while about 2 months ago what the importance of the Grand Cross alignment that now has peaked has been. I warned about the inner and outer energetic explosions that would bring change or force a certain way back into balance.

This crossroads in our journey had to come and it will show after april and onward.  As said already several times the things that are not in line with coming into balance within will be pushed. Some even chose to skip their earthly missions and got leaving their bodies. 

Also a lot of you have realized maybe not to be the frontrunners but the back-seaters. It is all in this game of change played out in the moment.  Lots of extremes will still show up. Only this time it is not gonna be in favour for the extremes any more. Things get spoken out, named, and challenged as it is time to get back in line and back into the middle.

It is not for nothing a very challenging, emotional heavy and high energetic time. This is part of the easing down of extremes. Getting back in being heard, listened to and  taken into account. There is not only majority or a select few. It is about all of us in inequality.

Being genuine in your intent and your will to bring things in center you will be  awarded in seeing more and more things develop and grow that way. If you are still not walking the talk and  keep still holding on to old paradigm stuff without wanting to make a transition into a new way you will find your roads get blocked.

Nevertheless be sure what ever happens it is all part of the ongoing things that will play out and you need to make choices.  Choose wisely I have said and know also you can change your choice always and draw a new course. Feel what it is that your intuitive feeling and your heart says.  Stop thinking.

We still need to see in our world that things need to be transitioned by us all. We are the ones that came to do the work and make the shift happen. Energetics and planets, stars, etc are just part of the whole story. If you really want to make a change not think but feel and go with it.

It will become clear sooner than later what great things we have accomplished even when some of us have chosen before being born in this bodysuit on the earth to be going early or die by disasters, accidents or in war or killings. Every one even when being just a second here upon earth had a piece of the puzzle towards the greater new paradigm developing in front of your eyes.

It might be difficult to see yet but it is forming. It is still a search for but we will become acquainted with the unknown new faster if we let go of thinking  and get into sensing and feeling and find our balance in our heart-source center.

May you all find your way on our individual paths into the big transitions still ahead of us. Keep your heads up, even when tears, deep emotions, pain and fear are still part of your perception in the now. We will soon all perceive things in a more centered way and be more at peace.

Then we are ready to really work conflictless and harmonious as self-governing individual creator beings together. In the meantime we need to get cracking to find common ground, compromises and ways to include all and not just a few or chosen ones.

All that is is in abundance for all here and in the multidimensions, it only needs to be distributed equally and no one may take more than one needs.  It is our heritage of the duality paradigm that makes it not easy to step out of things like language, law, property, having things, putting value on things and even humans and accumulating wealth, also still having beliefs, etc.

It becomes so unimportant when we can build, manifest and create all without conflict and for the best of all in our minds first. It does for sure not mean you will be not having your own creating freedom, au contraire you will have more time, space and imagination to fully explore your unlimited creation force.

Keep in mind we are in a transit all together. Keep therefore also an eye on your fellow travelers. Know when to help, support, care and share, and not only for your family and friends group. We will find our love within back that will guide us all along the path we walk.

Have a great trip even when I might be not making it to the end with you. The Grand Cross infusion is to bring out the real you.

Much love and light,

Thanks for all and I am and was grateful to contribute in this all in service to all.


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