‘There Are Faults And Cracks In The US Asia Pacific Pivot’ – 25 April 2014

RT logoCountries like Russia, China, Iran feel threatened by US economic sanctions, military encirclement by NATO, consequently they’ve started forming an alliance that seems to be against the Washington’s Asia Pacific pivot, journalist James Corbett told RT.

RT: President Obama is on his eight-day tour of the Asia Pacific region. He has recently arrived to Tokyo, where he was ‘welcomed’ by protests. There have also been protests in the Philippines as well as in Japan. How do you explain this reaction?

James Corbett: The protests in Manila so far have been pinned down to about 100 activists, the protests in Tokyo are down to a few dozen. So it doesn’t necessarily represent a wellspring of mainstream popular opinion here, but it does at least show that there are faults and cracks in the so-called alliance or Asia Pacific pivot or whatever it’s being called that Obama’s visit is supposed to be shoring up. There are people who are upset just generally about the rising military tension in the region that the American involvement is obviously bringing with it. And that’s basically what that protesters are representing.

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