OSCE Sends Second Team To Negotiate Release Of First OSCE Team Held Hostage In East Ukraine – 26 April 2014

ZeroHedgeYesterday, in merely the latest indication the eastern, pro-Russian region of Ukraine will hardly succumb to Kiev authority, a group of OSCE military observers who had been dispatched to supervise events in the city of Slavyansk were taken hostage by local separatist milita. Soon thereafter even Russia itself chimed in saying it “will take all possible steps to free detained OSCE military observers in the Ukrainian town of Slaviansk, Russian news agencies reported on Saturday, citing Russia’s envoy to the Vienna-based Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe.” “We think that these people need to be freed as soon as possible,” Andrei Kelin said in comments cited by ITAR-TASS. “Russia as a member of the OSCE will undertake all possible steps in this matter.”

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