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John Ward – From The Archives: The Laboured Reticence Of Ed Miliband, And The Dire Need For A New Radical Tendency In British Politics – 27 April 2014

JohnWToday’s Observer is asking whether the Labour Party will be cautious or bold in the 2015 Election. I have to observe that the writing on the Ed Miller Band Wall is now so huge, only a person of challenged eyesight would be asking such a question in the first place. However, the lack of ability to discern sold-out values is something of an ever-present syndrome in Western politics these days. So this Sunday afternoon I put to you a piece I wrote nearly four years ago. See if you think things have improved or not since that time.

It would be so easy for the Left to dismiss my constant Labour-bashing as thinly diguised Tory false flag blogging. But that piece from December 201 – reproduced below – proves beyond doubt, I hope, that the very opposite is true.

Yes, I loathe the Labour Party too. But we do need a replacement for it.

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CommonDreams – Deal Welcoming US Military Into Philippines Slammed As ‘Betrayal’ – 27 April 2014

common-dreamsDeal Welcoming US Military Into Philippines Slammed As ‘Betrayal’

Ten-year military accord announced Sunday spurns people’s movements that ousted US military from permanent bases in Philippines in 1992

– Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The U.S. and Philippine governments have agreed on a 10-year pact to open this southeast Asian country to more U.S. troops, ship, and warplanes, flouting the people’s movements that booted the U.S. military from its permanent Philippine bases over twenty years ago. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Opening the Gates Of Passion/Creation Within Our Heart Desires!! – 27 April 2014

lisagawlas2There are so many incredible things happening under the surface of life itself.  An energy infusion of the bestest kind.  Since the equinox in March, there has been a constant roll out of new energy, coming thru in billowing waves, merging with every molecule in us and around us.  This is changing our very DNA, enhancing it in new, expanded ways.  I can see it kind of like when a sperm penetrates an egg and there is a massive division of the cell structure, multiplying to become new life.  We are going thru a very similar process right now.   However, instead of creating a baby, we are creating a new, rarefied energy field of creation, both around us and within us. Continue reading

Anti-Govt Protesters Seize TV Station in Eastern Ukraine, Call For Own Channel – 27 April 2014

RT logoPro-Russian protesters have seized a local state TV station in the city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, demanding that Russian TV channels be broadcast there. They also want to launch a “Donetsk People’s Republic” TV channel.

According to media reports, technical work is currently being done at the TV station to restart the transmission of Russian channels. Itar-Tass reports that some Russian TV channels have resumed work in Donetsk.

“Their experts are now setting up equipment on our frequency to broadcast Russian TV channels,” TV station CEO Oleg Dzholos told Ukraine’s Channel 5, Interfax-Ukraine reported.

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MERS Spreading: Saudi Arabia Registers 10 More Cases After Egypt Discovers First Patient – 27 April 2014

RT logoSaudi Arabia has confirmed 10 more cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) a day after Egypt registered its first incidence of the deadly SARS-like coronavirus. The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed concern about the growing numbers.

On Friday, Saudi Arabia announced that it had discovered 14 more cases, meaning the total number of infected patients then stood at 313. On Sunday the country confirmed a further 10 cases, bringing the number to 323.
On Sunday, two more deaths were reported. Ninety-six of all MERS cases in the country have so far been fatal. The death rate for the illness stands at approximately 40 percent, and since the beginning of April cases have spiked with a 65 percent jump – 127 cases have been announced this month alone.

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Montague Keen – 27 April 2014

montaguekeenVeronica had sad news this morning. A lady who has been a very dear friend for 34 years is not well at all. This is very upsetting for her. Please send love and light to her friend.

The Cabal is becoming careless. Its activities are becoming more obvious to those of you who are awake. All that was masked and hidden from view, you must now research and act upon. I ensured that Veronica watched the YouTube video, BEHIND THE GREEN MASK by Rosa Koire, to ensure that she could see clearly what was being done to take control of Planet Earth. What they are doing they dress up in language that suggests that it is all for your benefit. They want to take everything from you and leave you helpless and hopeless. Continue reading

MI5’s Hiring: British Secret Service Is Looking For Intel Experts On Russia – 27 April 2014

RT logoThe UK’s MI5 has decided to beef up its team with more experts on Russia amid the ongoing political crisis in Ukraine. It is now hiring Russian intelligence analysts to monitor intercepted phone calls and e-mails.

According to The Times’ David Leppard, the British Secret Service is advertising the positions in this week’s newspapers. It can also be easily found on MI5’s official website.

Successful applicants will be tasked with listening to telephone calls in Russian, working with written documents “intercepted under warrant” and providing expert support to investigative officers.

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US Denies 10Yr Philippines Security Pact Aimed Against China – 27 April 2014

RT logoA new security treaty between the US and the Philippines to be signed Monday isn’t aimed at containing China’s military might, but is rather ensuring stability in the Asia-Pacific region, American officials said.

The Enhanced Defense Cooperation agreement would permit the enhanced “rotational presence” of US forces in the Philippines.

The American military will also be able to train and conduct exercises with their Philippine counterparts for maritime security, disaster assistance and humanitarian aid.

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Wes Annac – Spiritual Guidance: You Are Free – 27 April 2014

wes-annac-300x229Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

You are free, dearest seekers.

However hard the striving mind will fight to convince you otherwise, liberation is and will always be a constant factor of your existence. Why, then, do so many of you seem to feel so unfree, you ask? This is because of the mind-centered belief in limitation and finiteness, and you’re intended to see beyond it in your new era of widespread spiritual knowledge. Continue reading

US Failing To Push Economic Sanctions Against Russia Through EU Allies – 27 April 2014

RT logoThe new round of sanctions against Russia, which the EU and the US plan to unveil Monday, will not target the Russian economy. Washington said it won’t use economic sanctions without the EU also signing up to them.

G7 members agreed Friday to roll out a third round of anti-Russian sanctions over the Ukrainian crisis. But those would be an extension of the previous two rounds of sanctions, which targeted 33 individuals in Russia and Ukraine and a Russian bank, which the Western government deemed responsible for the crisis in Ukraine or close enough to President Vladimir Putin to have leverage on him.

“What we will hear about in the coming days, what we will agree … is an expansion of existing sanctions, measures against individuals or entities in Russia,” UK Foreign Secretary William Hague told Sky News on Sunday.

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