Lisa Gawlas – The Living Creation Energies, Divine Counterpart Potential And A Little ET Insight Too! – 28 April 2014

lisagawlas2Holy Heaven batman, what an amazing shift in the entirety of the field of Life!!  Now I can so fully see and understand and even appreciate why this particular upgrade phase was so intense and took so long.  The flow of information yesterday, amazing, I might even say like never before.  A person barely got a question out of their mouth and the response was already underway.  Even the clarity of receiving went up 5 notches!  Not to mention the energy coming thru is like being in a constant sugar high…. extraordinary!!!

The opening event, beautiful lady number one on this new enhanced field of life, showed amazing details of what has really happened during this long pause for the cause.  But let me back up a little before we move into the change.

Thru the month of March and the first half of April, the area I call your field of life in my readings started to shrink, condense itself.  Even the area I refer to as the upper atmosphere of your life, started to move from the area near the (actual) sky to (eventually) about 20 feet above the ground (again, going to the scope of my vision for measurements.)

From what I was understanding, the energies that are all around us, started to concentrate itself, so less space was needed for the energy while more was immediately available in this transition phase.

Well, yesterday, the roof was raised (so to speak) to about 40 feet from the ground.  Spirit said it was because the energy expanded during this phase after the lunar eclipse.  It became imbued with pure emotion, unique to each person I read from.  Spirit gave the example of having a pot of water and a pot of champagne and then you mix the two together, it creates a very different, a very highly charged energy field within and around every individual.  This enhanced expansion allows for a fully, more readily available energy for use in all endeavors.

Then, with my first lovely lady, I could see this bright light just above her ceiling (which, there is no ceiling) but the field came back to call this space around your entire life your “vault of creation.”  Your personal, unique energy space.  The light shining above her ceiling looked and felt like a cross between a star from the night sky and the sun itself, mingled together as one.

The field explained this new star, this new energy system that we have available to us very much like combining the energy of the lunar sky (the night sky) with the brilliance and clarity of the day-lit sky.  The power of both are housed in the same energy.  The emotions of the lunar sky with the clarity of use and outcome of the bright sun shining down.

This is huge and a massive significant shift in the energies period.  The emotional field in which we live, breathe and create from is now fully powered the highly charged, highly volatile magnetic field of radiation and of course, attraction.  I do find it interesting that spirit has now chosen twice to refer to this massive energy system as “volatile.”  So I do what I do best, go looking up definitions that hit home with the use of this word.  Two things stand out:

1. (Chemistry) (of a substance) capable of readily changing from a solid or liquid form to a vapour; having a high vapour pressure and a low boiling point

2. (of circumstances) liable to sudden, unpredictable, or explosive change

This really makes sense, the energies are in constant use now.  What you feel, instantly you get back as your ongoing creation.  There no more lag time and so, it is more important than ever to really know what you feel deep within and keeping your emotional state in check.  Please don’t take that to mean you always have to be floating in a bubble of joy, but really, understanding and using the perceived negative emotions to the best of your creative ability.  When you suddenly become angry (which is actually a positive energy, its what we do with such a strong emotion that has given it a bad rap) means simply, something is not right and needs your immediate attention to straighten out.  

Beyond this new guiding star, another energy became very prominent in most of the readings thru yesterday.  My words and my ability to describe it, will not even come close to touching the surface of this energy in its fullness.  Even tho it showed up in 3 of the 5 readings yesterday, it’s presentation was very different for each person.

This white-blue energy… OMG even that underscores its full aliveness in our world.  It is blue like the sky and so infused with a consciousness of light energy (the white) and within it, what looks like stars to me.  Twinkly lights, but this morning, I realize these stars, going again from the lunar sky, are the emotions in which you are fueling your life.  This white-blue “creator energy” is already taking your emotional field and creating with it.  This is truly your Living power source.  The stars that I see represent your emotional power fused with desire.  

Keep in mind, those still holding back their inner desires are holding back their very creative processes in life.

But this is really the point of our inner listening skills come on board big time.  This creative power is a co-creative thing.  It is sending back signals and messages for you to act on.  Not to think about, but to move into and DO.  Action.  Actively participating in your dreams come true is key.  

BE in ACTION.  Change is a constantly moving energy.  Creation is a constant change of energy, moving, changing, become more.  Inaction is stillness, waiting, and the creative energy waits with you.  

But let’s get to some of the exciting things coming available to us thru this massive energy shift.  Creation itself.  

I have one precious lady who recently met her TRUE divine counterpart (as my spiritual team interprets Divine Counterpart) and holy heaven batman…  What they are about to learn and create together is going to excite every human on earth.  She lives in California, he in Finland and they met in Mexico during the equinox.  She is currently heading out to his world and the instruction set that came thru for her, set my soul on fire.  

Sex!!  Ohhh, it is so wonderful to get instructions that require sex!!!!  lol  But, that aside, they will be creating what I will just call a wormhole from her world in Cali, to his world in Finland that will (eventually) allow them to physically move between this wormhole instantly and be in each others world (physically) at will.

This creation MUST be done consciously by both of them.  The work starts as she arrives in his world next month and will be completed when he arrives in her world later this year.  I could see the completed wormhole.  This white-blue energy, creating a tunnel like arch from her world to his, with the energy of what spirit called fractal energy, in that starry twinkling image.  They will each have their own fractal (spiral energy) that they will learn how to use to transport themselves to each other.

Last, but ohhh so far from least for today, a man who’s ET friends love to hijack his readings… this time, they were not content to just hang out in the field of his life, nope they were standing at my backdoor the moment we connected, and stayed there thru the entire session.

Even tho three arrived, I could only see one vividly.  He was a unique looking guy, intensely red and with some yellow, arms and legs but no looking humanoid at all.  His face was… interesting.  I so wish I could draw, but sadly I have been busy in most of my lives pimping out my abilities to connect.  lol  He has no mouth at all and as he says, they do not need it.  Everything thing they express is telepathically, which is a thousand more times efficient than our primitive use of words.

What my incredible man is going to be taught… taught to remember, is using his energy, combined with others, for literal creation.  I could see the outcome of this as well.  Pouring energy into a center spot, several people surround this spot, and the intense blue/violet energy pouring out my mans hands, was amazing and thru it, turning the energy into created matter… instantly.

This too is going to take practice, focus, and knowing it is real and available. 

His transmissions also came with a, hmmmmm, I don’t know if I would call it a warning, but what the hell…

We humans tend to be greedy.  What we create we want to keep.  The universe is not like that at all.  We create what we need then allow it to return back to its pure state of energy.  The example we got thru his connection made it very simply clear:

Let’s say you created soup thru the energy beams from the palms of the hands.  With the soup came the pot in which it was cooked.  We can eat the soup, but must return the pot back to the field of energy… NOT stick it in our cupboards!!

With all this creation potential, I finally got off my ass and created the Soul Gym again.  It will officially open May 1st and will be open three days a week (for now.)  The calendar of events is on its main page and we are going practice and apply all that comes thru the vastness of You upon the field.  There is a tiny membership fee of $5 a month, just to help me offset the cost of keeping the Soul Gym efficient and accessible to everyone, even when they cannot attend in the time frame set.  Just click on the link and read about it:!!

There is so much more to share and I know, as this day concludes there will be even more to share!!  Phew… this is getting so damn exciting.  Until tomorrow…

(((((HUGZ)))) of wild adventures and pure magic to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas / link to original article


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