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I sense the level of frustrated and fed up people rising dramatically all around me and well it should. More and more truths continue to pour forth everyday shocking once unaware people to the reality of the world they are now living in and that reality is not a pleasant one. Anger and frustration are boiling within and people are just not willing to take it anymore. In one sense I am pleased as people have finally awakened, but there is a better way to deal with our emotions over what has been done to us for so long now. This will be the very difficult part of our journey to endure but endure we must! Anger and feeling fed up are not going to solve our problems, therefore this is the time for us to find the strength to channel our feelings into something positive and not be swept away by the negatives. It will take  awareness of our own emotions and our self-control in dealing with them.

Yes, humanity has suffered greatly at the hands of a self consumed wealthy few and in many ways it seems human nature to want to seek revenge, but that is the nature of the old paradigm. There is no such emotion as revenge in the new paradigm, only love for all mankind. I do not expect people to ‘love’ their tormenters and abusers, but I hope we have grown enough spiritually to be able to seek justice for their actions through the courts and forgive them at the same time. It is such a waste of energy to feel anger and revenge, it does nothing to the other person yet it takes such a physical and mental toll on the one feeling these emotions. We must be big enough to let it go and realize by letting go we acknowledge they are not worth our energy or attention. Let the courts be the decider of their fate. I know, up until now we have seen no justice for any of their wrong doings, but that is partially OUR fault as well. What have we done to demand justice? Who is coming together and speaking out and making demands? I hear only silence.

Until WE, the fed up, decide we will no longer take what is being dished out to us, until we refuse to go along with their plans, until we stop listening to their propaganda, until we stand together as one people and fight for ourselves, we are just as guilty. It is imperative at this time to realize and know in your hearts that we are indeed all one! The race card is being played again in the news in hopes of driving us apart yet again. Don’t let it! The brave souls who are standing up to the Government are being vilified and labeled in the press in hopes of stopping others from joining forces with them in speaking out. Become aware of these tactics of separation and see them for what they are when they are being played out. We are awake now and they fear our wrath and will do anything to drive a wedge between us to weaken our stance. We must not fall prey to that and we must stand strong as a unified whole. Forever we have been separated and driven apart by race and poverty and religion and anything else they can think of.

If you are fed up then exercise that feeling by refusing to listen to their garbage any longer. That means no more TV propaganda listening, that means not buying into the lies and having the courage to stand up for what YOU truly believe, not what somebody else has told you you should believe. This is OUR time, our time to become true to ourselves and to come together and fight for our freedom to live our lives as we so desire. Please remember WE ARE ONE, there are no walls between us, only those manufactured as distraction and division since the beginning of time. This is our lesson we are learning right now as we begin to enter the new world. It was all a lie, but so what? The lie is over and what kind of world we live in next is up to us to create from our hearts and that begins with releasing revenge and anger and saying to our oppressors, ” You are not worth my energy. Instead I will give that energy to going forward and creating a new and better world bathed in peace and compassion”. It is all up to us. Stay awake and stay strong.

Blessings one and all,

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