Dutch MP Geert Wilders: EU Cares About Expansion, Not Ukraine – 2 May 2014

RT logo(Lucas : Geert may be the dutch right winger that wants to back out EU but this remark of him I fully understand, it is though about debt release into Ukraine, resources and making borders against a so-called enemy called Russia.)

The EU is responsible for “the mess” in Ukraine, Geert Wilders, Holland’s Party for Freedom leader, told RT. Wilders wonders why the bloc has got involved in a country where half the population is against joining Europe.

Wilders, who was speaking exclusively on RT’s SophieCo, believes the EU should have kept out of the conflict and only made things worse by giving the country hopes of a pre-accession treaty to the union, when the people of Ukraine were not in unison about joining the organization.

“It was a very delicate balance in Ukraine with 50 percent looking eastwards, towards Russia, and 50 percent of the population looking westwards, towards the European Union. So I think it was very irresponsible what the EU did; they should have kept out of it,” Wilders said.
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