Lisa Gawlas – Expanding Into The Fullness Of Our Self’s – 2 May 2014

lisagawlas2Welcome to the first day of the rest of our lives!!  Hurray for May!!!!!!  But just like any gift we are given, or in this case, worked our asses off to receive, it is what we do with it that makes all the difference in our world.

This moment in time really feels like rediscovering ourselves.  The fullness of our Self’s and all the magic and awe that goes with it.  It really sends my memory, my love and awe, back in time, to the first time I had any sort of experiences in my bathtub… meditation.  The world of such deep inner discovery was nothing my mind could have fathomed existed, and yet, with each filling of my bathtub, I not only new it existed, it grew me into a whole new person, fully loaded with love and abilities that started to present themselves thru each bath.

But now, I do not meditate like I did back in those days.  Hell, I haven’t taken a single bath this year.  No, I am not stinky lol, I have returned to showers.

What I do understand (thanx to each and every one of you who stand tall and bright in the field of life) is what got us to Here was a deep inner journey of discovery.  Now, empowered with all that goes with that, it is time to rediscover ourselves in the outer world of creation, with and thru each other.

(The above is about as far as I got into my sharing yesterday before I just went completely weird energy wise, so I am just picking up where I left off, but now with a whole day on this crazy new earth we landed on under my belt!)

Let’s just talk about the oddness of yesterday, May number 1 and day 1 in the full version of earth and body together.  Weird, I personally felt like my antenna’s where searching high and wide for that new plug-in connection.  Some readings I got squat, some readings only got info in the conversation place, and yet, my last reading of the day, another New Zealand connection, perfect from start to end.  I do, however, want to talk about the information that came out of her reading, coupled with the further understanding of last nights Soul Gym.  Planting the seeds of desire!!

Creating.  The universal flow of energy is quite the literal character.  You and I may talk in slang, vagueness even, and the universe does not register either one as an activation key for bringing you your hearts desires.

If we can look at ourselves right now on this fresh, new, amazing garden of Life, rich with all the fertilizer you will ever need to not only grow your hearts desires, but harvest them too, quickly.  However, we are still the planters.  We have to reach deep into ourselves and decide what seeds we want to plant.

Now, to take a wonderful example from the soul gym last night, someone said they wanted to “travel.”  Seems simple enough, but as it came thru, travel where?  The universe see’s you going from your home to the store, you indeed traveled.  Mission accomplished.  So she added to her travel desires by saying, she wants to visit sacred sites.  The universe replied with all of earth is sacred.  It is only us humans that see one place more sacred than another…  So again, the literal, all loving universe see’s her sitting in her home as mission accomplished in getting to a sacred site on earth.

Like any good gardeners, it is also our job to keep watering/emotionally charging our desires.  Charge that heart energy up, lean deeper into the desire and pay attention to the movement that comes back to you and then act on it.  Also, pay attention to the emotional frequency within you.  That is where the largest keys are going to be. The more intense the feeling, the closer the arrival in your life.  Also, if there is a shift in direction, pay attention and lean into it.

Another amazing thing that happened to me yesterday, after years of begging and pleading… I finally got the instruction of how to avoid rescheduling from this moment forward.  Three days on, one day off.  I was shocked to hear this as I moved into my reading position with my first lady of the day.  But I now also understand the bigger picture too.

Getting ourselves to this precious, HUGE evolutionary leap in our world, those who love and guide us had no clue when we would need that pause of the cause to integrate the light field we have taken in, or even what amount of light we would take in on any given day and have to assimilate/ingrate.  NOW, we are done with that phase of our evolution.  Kind of like, eventually, you are no longer pregnant, the growth is done from the inside out and now we are actively remembering how we function as a fully functional spirit occupying matter.  You truly birthed yourself into your new form.  Ohhh how I pray that the body symptoms we have endured all this year, are done too!!

So now, the difference is, we are no longer growing (so to speak) but expanding all that we are.  A rediscovery of ourselves.  Our WHOLE Self’s.  The more we play, the more we discover and activate for use.  Then just take a day to allow it all to do whatever (I have no clue lol.)

Ohhhhh, there was another thing I wanted to mention before we even arrived in this precious May/new earth gig.  2015!!  OMG, I was able to see the energy of it thru a couple readings now and holy cow batman are we ever on expansion/acceleration quickness.

Another massive shift in the frequency levels and expansion of those frequencies.  2015 is about 20 feet above us, but so different from any other “year” I have seen before.  The energy is very much that white/blue spectrum of aliveness and wide too.  In years previous to this one, when I started to see the coming here, it was usually a line, maybe an inch or two wide, not 2015, it is like a creek, a wide body of living energy, fully active (whatever that means to us) as we move thru May 2015.

If I can mention one more important thing before I close… focus on your joy.  The more you focus on the joy of doing anything, the more abundantly that comes back to you.  Especially in the energy we call “work.”  We have a tendency to look at the financial aspect of our work, don’t go there.  The  universe has a way of completely providing EVERYTHING we need to produce more joy, including the money to experience it.  When we change our focus from joy of working to the money involved, we actually hold back the very thing we want… the abundance of joy, which produces money/openings in ways we cannot even imagine.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) wrapped in abundant Joy to All!!  I love you so much!!

Lisa Gawlas

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