ZeroHedge – Obama Assisted By Merkel In Explaining The Russian “Costs” – Live Webcast – 2 May 2014

ZeroHedgeTwo months after Obama first mentioned the “costs” to Putin should he continue to do what the Russian leader has been doing for, well, the past two months, namely copycatting how the US would act if in the exact same situation, Obama today will be assisted by Germany’s Angela Merkel on her first visit to D.C. in three years, to further reinforce the US deterrence idea of “costs” (perhaps to Germany in the form of a third of its gas imports being cut off?), just in case Obama alone can’t handle Putin. Somehow we doubt Russia will pay much attention – after all it has been revealed time and again that Russia has all the trump cards.

The live feed is off-line so here is the youtube: / link to original article

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