Belgian Police Use Water Cannon To Disperse ‘Anti-Semitic Hate Fest’ – 5 May 2014

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Brussels police used water cannon to disperse a hundreds-strong crowd gathered in defiance of a ban on nationalist gatherings, an event organized in part by the far-right group, ‘Rise up, Belgians!’

The authorities acted quickly to break up the 500-person gathering, which included controversial French comedian Dieudonne, and which critics saw as an “anti-Semitic hate fest.” Although no arrests were made, the line of police watching the crowd decided after a standoff lasting several hours to move in, Reuters says.

The order to ban the Sunday event, also organized by the First European Dissidents’ Congress, was given by the mayor of the suburban area of Anderlecht, Eric Thomas, in advance, as there was a notable risk to public order. Both the event and any others associated with it were also banned.

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