Laura Bruno – Surrender, Trust, & Gratitude – 5 May 2014


I recently discovered this blog and really enjoy the poetic, mystical posts. This one honors Earth Day, but since every day is Earth Day on this planet, I thought I’d reblog the powerful message and intention. In answer to the various emails and session questions I’ve received of late: yes, the intense times not only continue but have intensified for many. That’s one reason, I’m posting this beautiful message today. Blessings and Peace to you …

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Today is Earth Day.   Not a political or cultural holiday, as are most that punctuate our calendar, but a day set aside to honor the Earth itself, and to celebrate our connection to it.

Much of my Sunrise Sadhana is about resurrecting my spiritual connection to the Earth.  Trials and tribulations strained my connection and led me away from my path for too long, but my internal guidance has been prodding me to re-immerse myself into the Earth’s mysteries.  My Zenith Arc journey to the solstice is in large measure about returning to the heights I had once reached and returning to the depths I had once known, by ascending and descending, I endeavor to reanimate the person I once was.

The rock pictured above came to me during that past life, while on a vision quest.  The short story is this….

While preparing to go on the vision…

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One response to “Laura Bruno – Surrender, Trust, & Gratitude – 5 May 2014

  1. Cnawan Fahey

    I am so honored…thank you, and warm blessings to you.