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Lisa Gawlas – Moving Out Of Kindergarten Into The Vast School Of Light!! – 5 May 2014

lisagawlas2Ya ever have days that just completely blow your mind from start to finish?  That was my (our) day all day long yesterday.  The connections, the energy thru the connections!!  Holy heaven batman!!  But even more exciting than that, is knowing… KNOWING we haven’t even really seen or experienced the tip of the iceberg in all that we have been able to do thus far!!

For me personally, I have dived deep into the world of energy, especially the human-energy relationship since my very beginning (more or less.)  I have dedicated myself, day in, day out over the last 13-14 years to take what I understand and know how to do deeper and further with each passing meditation and (eventually) clients.  And yet, the news, the information and progression of our abilities being revealed each day, in each connection, blows my freakin mind!!  What it really feels like to me, we just graduated kindergarten!!  We learned our A.B.C’s and 1,2, 3′s and now it is time to learn how to put them all together for greater use!! Continue reading

Nevada Lawmaker Demands Immediate Action Against ‘Armed Separatists’ At Bundy Ranch – 5 May 2014

RT logoThe United States congressman who represents most of Clark County, Nevada is calling on the state’s governor to intervene in the situation at Cliven Bundy’s cattle ranch and “get rid of these armed separatists” who have stood guard there for weeks.

Although a land dispute between the 67-year-old cattle rancher and US Bureau of Land Management is relatively calm after escalating to the point of becoming an armed-standoff involving militiamen and the federal government in mid-April, at least one lawmaker is still upset about the situation in Bunkerville, NV.

The standoff between Bundy’s supporters and the BLM has indeed diminished in intensity, but Rep. Steven Horsford (D-District Four) told an audience at the Clark County Democratic Convention over the weekend that he thinks matters aren’t entirely resolved.

Read the full story at: www.rt.com /link to original article

$10,000 A Head: Radicals Put A Bounty On UK Journalist In Ukraine – 5 May 2014

RT logoDownload video (17.09 MB)

Ukrainian radicals have put a bounty out on RT stringer Graham Phillips, who is currently working in the east of the country. Also a camera-man working for RT in Odessa has been informed about being on the radicals’ radar.

“Myself I have received threats putting a bounty on my head to be kidnapped and that has been offered from [the city of] Dnepropetrovsk, as I understand, connected to the Right Sector,” Graham Phillips confirmed while reporting live from the city of Slavyansk.

The Right Sector reportedly offered $10,000 for the capture of “a Russian spy.”

www.rt.com / link to original article

Deadly Oklahoma Wildfire Destroys Homes, Causes Mass Evacuation (VIDEO) – 5 May 2014

Screenshot from AP video

Screenshot from AP video

What initially began as a controlled burn in central Oklahoma quickly erupted into a massive wildfire with the help of strong winds and dry temperatures, killing one person and destroying at least six homes.

According to local news outlet KFOR, the wildfire has burned through approximately 3,500 acres of land near Guthrie, Oklahoma. Firefighting crews have managed to contain about 75 percent of the blaze – which started growing out of control Sunday afternoon – but local officials said that at least 150 homes are still at risk.

As of Monday morning, roughly 1,000 people had been evacuated from their homes due to the fire. Guthrie Fire Department Chief Eric Harlow told the Associated Press that one 56-year-old man who refused to evacuate was later found dead in his mobile home. Currently, he is the only casualty being reported. Continue reading

Wes Annac – Global Unity – 5 May 2014

wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac, Conscious Oneness

I envision a world where humans can peacefully coexist – with themselves and the rest of the sentient life on this planet. A world where man lives in harmony with the plant, animal, and insect kingdoms, and where division and hatred are things of the past.

I’m ready to see a planet of awake and aware humans, animals, plants, insects, etc. who work together in love and harmony. This is the kind of world I want to live in, and as things stand right now, a lot needs done to get to this point. A lot needs done before humans can come together with each other, much less the plant and animal kingdoms. Continue reading

Jon Rappoport – A Vaccine Against Magic – 5 May 2014

jon7“The function of the artist is to provide what life does not.” — Tom Robbins, Another Roadside Attraction

“Those people who recognize that imagination is reality’s master we call ‘sages,’ and those who act upon it, we call ‘artists.’” — Tom Robbins, Skinny Legs and All

No guts, no glory. Pursuers of any great goal can tell you that.

In the human psyche, from the moment a newborn baby emerges into the light of day, he/she has a desire for magic. Continue reading

Wes Annac – No More Pressure – 5 May 2014

wes-annac-300x229Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

I wrote the following for the conclusion of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter, which I’m offering for $11.11 a month. Income from the newsletter helps my family and I get by, and every subscription is greatly appreciated.

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In my developing opinion, to find the happiness and wholeness we seek, all we really need to do is take the pressure off of ourselves. Let’s stop trying so hard to fit in with a version of ourselves we think is ‘better’ or ‘more aware’ than us, because doing so will only make us unhappy and keep us stuck in a repetitive, striving loop. Continue reading