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OpEdNews – Dr. Cheryl Pappas – The Power Of Support – 6 May 2014

OpEdNewsI was having dinner at an unremarkable neighborhood traittoria the other night, when I glimpsed something remarkable.

The busboy, having been asked to toast the bread for an adjoining table, threw the basket of bread on a counter with a naked ferocity. His fists were shaking and I looked around to find that no one was taking notice of this guy’s presence, let alone the rage in his face and body.

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‘I Don’t Want It For My Kids’: Anti-Fracking Activist In PA Battles Gas Giant – 6 May 2014

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A Pennsylvania activist, who has been battling fracking companies in her town for five years, told RT how the court’s decision to bar her from extraction sites interfered with her private life – and why this does not matter for her relentless campaign.

“I don’t want to live with this and I don’t want it for future generations,” Vera Scroggins, an anti-fracking activist, told RT.

Scroggins, 63, a citizen journalist and political advocate, protests and documents the activities of gas companies engaged in fracking in Montrose, Pennsylvania, a borough of Susquehanna County in the northeastern corner of the state.

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Indian Elections But Were Afraid To Ask – 6 May 2014

RT logoAuthor: Rajeev Sharma is a New Delhi-based journalist, author and strategic analyst. He tweets @Kishkindha and can be reached at bhootnath004@yahoo.com.

The story of colorful and chaotic elections in India, the world’s largest democracy, can offer many surprising vignettes.

Did you know that a record number of 1,033 candidates contested the Modaurichi assembly constituency in Tamil Nadu in 1996, and the ballot paper was in the form of a booklet?

Or that the lowest voter turnout in a polling station is just three, reported from Bomdila district in Arunachal Pradesh?

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CommonDreams – Conservative Court’s Free Speech Rulings Drenched In Biases – 6 May 2014

common-dreamsConservative Court’s Free Speech Rulings Drenched in Biases

Study shows personal and ideological persuasions of justices clearly impact legal rulings

– Jon Queally, staff writer

(Credit: MSNBC)According to a new legal study of sitting and recent justices on the U.S. Supreme Court, conservative members of the court are tied much tighter to their own political and ideological biases than the liberal justices when it comes to ruling on cases concerning free speech.

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Dana Mrkich – Kaleidoscope Of Wholeness – 6 May 2014

Dana Colour Pic NewAs a writer, sometimes a phrase comes out that makes you want to jump up and say yes love that!! “Kaleidoscope of wholeness” was one such phrase that emerged onto the page as I was writing my Let Love In course (current intake underway, next intake will be August!). 

Here’s how it came out: “If you want a healthier, deeper, more connected love relationship, one of the things you are really looking for is to experience authentic emotional intimacy with someone. You want someone who can see you, the real, true you, and who isn’t afraid to see the wounded you. You want to feel safe in showing your kaleidoscope of wholeness to someone, which consists of a whole cast of characters and related issues. Likewise, you want someone who is willing and able to show you their wholeness.” 

 The kaleidoscope of wholeness honours that we are all works in progress on this evolutionary journey!

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ZeroHedge – Al Qaeda Has A New Target: Saudi Arabia Says “Major Terrorist Plot” Foiled – 6 May 2014

ZeroHedgeWith Syria (and its Al Qaeda-funded “rebels”) having taken a back seat in geopolitical developments, some wondered what are all those heavily armed mercenaries doing. The answer emerged moments ago when Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry said Tuesday it had thwarted a major plot by a militant group with links to extremist elements in Syria and Yemen, arresting 62 suspected members.

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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 879 – Pepe Escobar Breaks Down China’s Uyghur Problem – 6 May 2014

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Continuing our exploration of the Islamic terror threat in China’s restive Xinjiang province, today we talk to famed geopolitical analyst, Asia Times Online correspondent and frequent guest Pepe Escobar. Today we discuss the social and economic background of the conflict, what is at stake for the local Uyghur population and for Beijing, and the new anti-terror legislation that President Xi is preparing to unveil in response to the problem.

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