Family Of ‘Affluenza’ Drunk-Driving Teen To Pay Victim $2 Mn – 7 May 2014

RT logoThe family of a Texas teenager behind the wheel of a horrific drink-driving crash last year that killed four and injured 12 has settled with one of the victims for more than $2 million, according to the latest court documents.

In a case that grabbed international attention for highlighting the perceived injustices of the US judicial system Ethan Couch’s parents settled with Sergio Molina for more than $1 million in cash, with the remainder of the amount to be deposited in a trust fund, AP reported.

Molina, who has been in the hospital since last year’s accident, was riding in the bed of Couch’s pickup truck on June 15, 2013, when Couch hit a stranded motorist and three people who had stopped to help her. All four were killed.

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