John Ward – All Quiet On The Western Front: Glum In Britain, Frightened In Germany, Reactionary In The States, All Quiet on the Western Front: Glum in Britain, frightened in Germany, Reactionary In The States, Content In South Africa – 7 May 2014

ScreenHunter_35 May. 07 13.19This shot was taken in the House of Commons about twenty minutes ago (12.04 pm BST). If one had a suspicious nature, one might be forgiven for thinking that things are not quite as rosey as we’re being led to believe. Clockwise from the left, these chaps are responsible for the Realm, the Tory Manifesto, Defence and the Money. Defence Minister Philip Hammond, however, does – I’m sure you’ll agree – have a rather fetching arrowhead grip in his hair….about which I think we should be told more.

The Fab Four were attending Prime Minister’s Question Time (PMQs) in which, on average, the PM of the day answers few if any of the question he’s asked, and the Opposition lacks the necessary knowledge to ask the right questions in the first place. In Ed Miliband’s case, he also lacks the intelligence, and the power of normal speech.

Having established that our Nation is in safe hands, let us venture elsewhere. To Germany in fact, where yesterday the foreign minister warned that, as Ukraine is only a “few steps” away from “military confrontation”, German citizens should leave forthwith. This represents a radical change in the traditional German approach to other people’s borders, which was to march into the country involved rather than running out of it.

Today of course, thanks to the culturally cleansing nature of the European Union, there are no longer any crises within its borders involving things like envy, psychopathy, munitions sales, lebensraum and so forth. Today, the main weapons are technological, economic and infrastructural destruction. But oddly, the result seems to have differed very little: the Germans get fatter, and everyone else gets thinner.

Another enduring feature of the planetary landscape is the United States of America, where an Occupy Wall Street activist is facing up to seven years in prison after being convicted by a Manhattan jury of elbowing a cop in the face. I hold no brief at all for Occupy, but to have even brought this case against the woman concerned, Cecily McMillan – for an action which, on a soccer field, would have earned nothing more than a yellow card – is perhaps suggestive of a country that is losing its grip. It is sad to see, in fact, how America has no more sense of proportion when it comes to the public order consequences of neoliberalism than Britain….with whom it has a relationship so special, the needs of the UK citizen come second to US foreign policy aims – which are best unclear, and most often impenetrable.

This is Cecily getting arrested in the original incident, by the way:

ScreenHunter_36 May. 07 14.12

In South Africa, most citizens would be delighted to have McMillan’s wealth (because by their standards, 30 years on, it would still be wealth to them) but an Ipsos poll of 500 registered voters released on Sunday forecast that the ANC would win 63.9% of the vote in the Rainbow Country – a tiny drop from from the 65.9% it won in five years ago. The patience of people with corrupt fatties like Jacob Zuma is hard to understand, but sadly predictable.

Many South Africans have been angered by renovations at Mr. Zuma’s private home that cost the state $US23 million. The president, who the ANC has said will serve another five-year term if it wins on Wednesday, defended the remodeling as necessary to “improve security” and said he wasn’t responsible for the alleged misuse of funds.

Security against what, we wonder. Well, residents of Bekkersdal near Joburg said their township lacked adequate electricity, sewage and trash collection. In recent weeks they have clashed with police, and on Tuesday night rioters burned down three voting tents in the area. Oh dear. Here we go again.

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