ZeroHedge – Yellen Testifies In Congress – Live Webcast – 7 May 2014

ZeroHedgeIn a few short minutes, Fed Chairmanwoman Janet Yellen will hold the first part of her two-day testimony in Congress before the Joint Economic Committee (followed by testimony before the Senate Budget Committee), in which she will regale members of congress with tales about harsh weather in the first quarter, and who snow managed to subtract over $50 billion from the US economy in Q1. Yellen’s prepared remarks will likely focus on the FOMC’s broader views on the economic outlook, but the Q&A will be equally as important. It is possible she may be asked by Senate Committee members for more clarity on the Fed’s exit strategy and/or its view on the terminal funds rate. It is unlikely that she will say anything too market moving, especially since Goldman has schooled her how to avoid any “firm” calendar commitments of the “6 month” variety.

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