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Iran Won’t Accept ‘Nuclear Apartheid’ – Rouhani – 11 May 2014

RT logoTehran will never accept “nuclear apartheid” and its nuclear technology “is not up to negotiations,” Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said prior a new round of talks with the world powers.

“We have nothing to put on the table and offer to them but transparency. That’s it. Our nuclear technology is not up for negotiation,” Rouhani, referring to the West, said Sunday on state television. “Iran will not retreat one step in the field of nuclear technology… we will not accept nuclear apartheid.”

Iran insists its program is aimed at boosting energy supplies and improving cancer treatment. Israel and Western countries led by the US however accuse Tehran of pursuing to build a nuclear warhead.

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NYPD Enlisting Muslim Informants From Minor Violators – 11 May 2014

RT logoNew York police have been recruiting for informants in holding facilities for immigrants, most of them Muslims, aiming to “talk them” into spying on their own community in cafes, restaurants and mosques, documents obtained by The New York Times show.

Less than a month has passed since the highly publicized announcement that the NYPD has disbanded its highly controversial Zone Assessment Unit, or as it is known to the city’s Muslim community, the Demographics Unit.
However, the recruitment of immigrants to eavesdrop on conversations in Muslim neighborhoods shows no signs of easing, according to a New York Times article, which says 220 such recruitment attempts were made in the first quarter of this year alone by a unit known as the Citywide Debriefing Team.

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CommonDreams – Glenn Greenwald: The Explosive Day We Revealed Edward Snowden’s Identity To The World – 11 May 2014

common-dreams(Lucas : Whatever title you choose it does still not cover the still unanswered questions about the  not in total released documents and the still fluctuating amount and many more questions.)
Glenn Greenwald: The Explosive Day We Revealed Edward Snowden’s Identity to the World

Pulitzer-prize winning journalist tells the story of those fateful days in Hong Kong Continue reading

Russia’s ‘Civilized’ Offshore? Moscow Allocates $1.5 Bn For Crimea – 11 May 2014

RT logo$1.5 billion (55.4 bln rubles) has been allocated by Moscow to the Russian republic of Crimea and Sevastopol to balance its budget in 2014. But what is on Moscow’s mind regarding the peninsular?

Earlier, Russia’s Finance Ministry earmarked $6.9 billion (243 billion rubles) in financial support for the country’s brand new subjects, and estimated that the Crimean Peninsula will be deficit- and aid- free by 2017.

Euphoria upon returning under the safety of the Russian flag seems endless in Crimea and the traditional countrywide May vacation period undoubtedly adds to the sense of jubilation and hope for a better future. The monotony of a daily routine should soon settle, however, and the region’s prosperity now highly depends on active steps by the government in search for the winning road map.

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‘Sibling’ Sun Found 110 Light Yrs From Earth – 11 May 2014

RT logoThe sun could have a sibling according to researchers at the University of Texas, who believe the star was born from the same cloud of gas as our sun. It is hoped this could give astronomers fresh insights into how life on earth started.

The study was conducted by astronomer Ivan Ramirez, based at the University of Texas, who says that the star is 110 light years away from Earth.

“We want to know where we were born,” Ramirez said in a statement announcing his discovery. “If we can figure out in what part of the galaxy the sun formed, we can constrain conditions on the early solar system. That could help us understand why we are here.”

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Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 11 May 2014

marlene1-1Beloved Ones,

For many of you these are difficult times. Your physical bodies keep going through recalibrations and transformations and the symptoms experienced are oftentimes not pleasant. There are many feelings of deep sadness that come out of nowhere and it can put you into a depressed state. It is important should this occur, to put a determined effort into changing that perspective. Do something that makes you feel good, something that makes you laugh. Get outdoors and dig in your garden, feel a connection with the Earth. When people feel out of sorts, being out in nature is very soothing, grounding and healing to their human operating systems. It is also important to examine your inner thought processes and change those that hold you in an unhappy space. It requires diligent observation to see and to understand that you might hold thought patterns that do not serve the person you have become and the person you are expanding into each and every day. The greatest challenge here is to recognize these ingrained thoughts and accept responsibility for changing them. Continue reading

SustainablePulse – RIP Prof. Andrés Carrasco: Hero Of Independent Science On Pesticides Passes Away – 11 May 2014

https://i0.wp.com/sustainablepulse.com/wp-content/uploads/sp_logo_long_3.pngArgentine scientist Professor Andrés Carrasco has sadly passed away. He will be sorely missed by many people around the World who recognize him as a brilliant and brave scientist.

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TheIndependent – Jim Armitage: Cyber-Security Guru Eugene Kaspersky Chuckles His Way Through A Litany Of Computer Scare Stories – 11 May 2014

The Independent

By Jim Armitage

Global Outlook Spend an hour or so with Eugene Kaspersky and you come out thinking the world looks slightly more sinister.

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Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – Tell Your Future And Then Lighten Up – 11 May 2014

LarryLarsonYou can tell your future as easily as you tell yourself a story each night as you go to bed. We think that a clever nighttime story will do more to reinvent your world than any amount of worrying over your day. Tell yourself that bedtime story about how wonderful your day is going to go; who you will see, what they will bring, how happy you will all be. You did this when you were little; you can do it again now. Most of you have forgotten this innate ability that you have. Continue reading

Steve Lendman – Fascist Killers – 11 May 2014

StevelendmanThree nations among others stand out: America, Israel and Ukraine.
America’s deplorable history reflects barbarism writ large. Killing civilians is longstanding policy. Doing so violates core international law.
It prohibits collective punishment. It forbids attacking noncombatants. Targets unrelated to military necessity are strictly off-limits.
Lawless attacks constitute crimes of war, against humanity and genocide. Committing them reflects official US policy. It’s been so throughout America’s sordid history.

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