Bundy Supporters Defy Feds By Riding ATVs In Off-Limits Utah Canyon – 13 May 2014

RT logoThe Bureau of Land Management is being taken to task again by Cliven Bundy supporters, this time by dozens of people on all-terrain vehicles in Utah. But on Saturday, the BLM stood down as the ATVs rode on land closed to motorized vehicles since 2007.

The ATV ride was organized by San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman, who said he was acting as a private citizen. He contends that Blanding, a town of 3,500 residents, have been trying to compromise with the BLM since the closure of Utah’s Recapture Canyon to motorized vehicles after two men illegally constructed a 7-mile-long, 4-foot-wide trail through the canyon. The trail — complete with bridges, berms and stiles — cut through Native American archaeological sites. The Pueblo tribe lived in the canyon until 800 years ago.

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