The Hyper Report – 140513 – Busted: Ethanol Myth – 13 May 2014

Today’s Items:

Bank Account Raid?

In a precursor to what is to come in the U.S., U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron claims he will “have to put up taxes” unless tax officials are given draconian powers to raid people’s bank accounts.     If it sounds like a potential bail-in, you may be right.

Reasons for No Raging Inflation

Without any great detail, here are two reasons in this story that there is no raging inflation within the U.S….    For now….
1. The Fed has kept interest rates artificially low to help service the national debt at the expense of people’s savings.
2. The creation of extra currency is being offset by a collapse in credit.

Next Manipulator?

Now that the Too-Big-For-Jail banks are liquidating their commodities trading divisions, we now know where their apparent criminals are going…    It turns out that former JP Morgan and Goldman Suck employees are on their way to Switzerland and it is not for the skying.    Swiss Firm Mercuria, two months ago, acquired JP Morgan’s physical commodities trading business for 3.5 billion dollars.     Yes, they are apparently getting ready for another round of the shell game.

First Amendment

Senator Charles Schumer wants to amend the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to provide some kind of filtering mechanism to cut down on uninformed and ill-informed chatter.     Does this mean, if ratified, Schumer and the rest of Congress would never be allowed to speak ever again?    So, will Schumer, and others, attempt to claim, yet again. that a majority vote in the  Senate overrides the U.S. Constitution, as they tried with the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty?

Busted: Ethanol Myth

According to a study published in Nature Climate Change, corn bio-fuels release more greenhouse gases than gasoline.    The 500,000 dollar study, which was funded by the federal government, is expected to be a setback for the Obama anti-capitalist ‘green’ cabal.    If ethanol loses its definition as a cleaner fuel, those who produce it will no longer qualify for the one dollar per gallon federal production subsidy.     Oh, the horror!

Ten Steps to Greater Happiness and Health

Here are a few…
1. Sunbathe for more Vitamin D.
2. Exercise for both the mind and body.
3. Connect with loved ones.
4. Enjoy nature.
5. Disconnect from technology more often.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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