FBI Used Autistic New Yorker To Nail Anonymous Hacker – 14 May 2014

RT logoA British computer hacker arrested in 2011 for breaching the website of internet news company Gawker was apprehended with the help of a former acquaintance from outside Albany, New York, according to just leaked, previously unpublished court files.

The documents — posted to the web on Tuesday this week by the Smoking Gun — for the first time reveals how law enforcement agencies from across the world were able to narrow in on a South London hacker who took credit for compromising the computer networks of Gawker, among others, nearly three years ago.

According to 28-pages of court documents published on the Smoking Gun’s website this week, an autistic Troy, NY man involved in the Gawker breach helped point officers with the Federal Bureau of Investigation towards the Brit — a computer hacker known as Kayla — in June 2011 amidst the ongoing probe into the hacktivist movement Anonymous and its offshoots, including LulzSec and Internet Feds.

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