Sophia Love – May 14th Update – 15 May 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

Good Day Sophia and Everyone!

Illuminati order/cabal are making their last push, what is happening now was expected by us one solar cycle before, exactly on spring. They are in their last moments, so they are throwing everything on it, like we were waiting them to do. Unfortunately they don’t want to surrender, so this brings in grave consequences for them. Yellowstone volcano is awakening, Mother Earth is ready to aid any moment now. Yet it will go off only if everything will go to extreme level, this is a situation when conflicting situations are fueling volcano, the more there is the more possible it will explode. Yet illuminati are still being given a chance to stop before it would be too late for them.

Ukrainian People right now are suffering on a large scale, People are dying there every earth cycle (day), People’s Freedoms are suppressed by force, army is being used against russian-speaking People, Odessa arson was instigated by ukrainian puppet government (I can share the link to truth about what happened there, but it contains a very disturbing images and truth), most of this information is being suppressed by ukrainian government and all western MSM and U.S. government is supporting this along with European Union’s government and evil NATO union (all are cabal).

Now I can reveal, that all of this was prepared to completely expose illuminati (first part of it, true face of USA/EU/NATO governments), this is a trap that was set for them for All People of the World to see them, what they really represent (not Democracy and People, by autocracy and themselves only), unfortunately there was no other way, this was the best we on ground could do. If we would have more powers and abilities we would be able to prevent bloodshed and suffering. But we weren’t able to prevent bloodshed, we knew that People will be suppressed and all of this would take place. We were keeping this secret to not spoil this trap, and now it is too late for ukrainian government under U.S. government to back down and show a “good face”. They still can stop it and change their punishment, although knowing them, we doubt they will do it.


Thank You Good Friends for providing links, a great news to know that QEG was made by more People! As well it is true, what is written in article about Russia, Thank You Good Friend! Also very Great Experience Good Friend NLNL, Much Appreciated for share of Your Feelings! Indeed We are very close now to Completion and Moment of Justice!

A very great collection of Spiritually-Oriented music, all bears a message to Your Higher Inner-Self, all contain a strong message from One! This music will aid You while this World is still under small dark veil:

“Journey To The Deep”

“Future Perfect”

“Sun – SDO Imagery”

“Ice of Phoenix” (another song for Rebirth)


“Something To Believe In”

“Angel” (Emotions of Future)

“La Danse de la Lune”

“Circle of Life”

“Once Upon a Forest”

“Underskin” (Refers to Soul)


“The Power of Will”

“Lumina” (means Light)


Much Peace, Calm and Prosperity to Everyone! / link to original article

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