Lucas – The Pinball Machine – Spinning Balls Into Balance – 16 May 2014

Picture by Wayne Patrick Finn

Are you having difficulties to pin all down and get the ball onto the right track to score you a balance point.  It is at the moment like it is live as a pinball machine game ongoing in  the heat.  The controls and handles are reacting erratically towards the movement of the ball that is played.

Watch and see the red and green light and the extra points for you to score by making things balancing out in huge ways for you. The game is on after our portion of the   Equinox, the moons eclipse, grand cross eclipse and full moon. It was not the occasional energetic wave thrown at us. It was meant to be stirring up things to make sure things would become seen, addressed, let go of or worked upon to make things balance within.

It is up to you to lose yourself in the game or see what it all is about and find the bigger picture of things showing between the flickering lights and sound effects. Often the simplest solutions are the best. All even bad of good showing for you in the moment has a purpose and you will find in the chaos of the now also the answers for renewed balance.  Keep your senses feeling and do not let your mind analyse or rethink all. Eventually  things will show  it self when feeling good.

Keep in mind better set feel that all is part of the process you all individually go through. Nobody has the same process but you have certain similarities. Feel good with people who you resonate with or feel to be drawn to those with likewise stages of progress in their process. We all are on the brink of the bigger change for all of us as more and more are awakening to a new reality.

Just know you always are on the ball to get control of the game that is your inner game played out. You can change inside and be that example yourself. That is the game changer and the more individual game changers there are the more will change on the outside also. It is not all easy and deep hurt, pains and sorrow will also be needed to be transmuted. It is not all the nice kind of stuff.

We are though going to make things working for us as our momentum is now. Be good for each other even when sometimes in the heat of the change of the you some casualties will be made. Do not worry too much as things will find their level playing field soon. The ball will end up in the  winning corner for balance. Let us get spinning those balls into balance.

Much love and light,


P.S  Thanks to all my readers and supporters for the beautiful time I had to be in service to all.  The support situation forces me to soon close my blog, stop radio and other stuff I do in service to all for free. I know it is difficult for all of us now and there is no regret whatsoever nor any grouches as it is like it is.  Keep going and see the candle burning within all of you always.  I am done with asking for support it needs to be coming from the heart freely or not. Still 10 days left in this month to make it happen or not!!!

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