Meredith Murphy – Heralds & Ignitions From Your Future World – 16 May 2014

MeredithMurphyMessage from Ashira, and the Elohim of Grace

Channeled by Meredith Murphy

Telepathic Transmission – 15 May 2014

Hello Dear Ones,

Greetings from beyond this realm of focus. We come forth in this time of peace to share with you, greetings from the future.

It is we who rose up within you, stretching forth across time to herald the new age and draw all into it’s fold. It is we who know within you all that you are and all that you have experienced, for we are you. In a further expression, an expression of peace, a fulfillment of this new age.
It is within your memory, this knowing, for time is simply a construct. So you can tap into this knowing and use it, as confidence. It is imperative now, that you seize your confident knowing and express as you are. Each of you has such beautiful harmonics to bring forth and weave into the living tapestry of light which is Earth. It is for you, to find your way into the heart center of your desires and let yourself flow.
As this flow, you will remember all that you are. It will come forth through you, into this realm. It will fulfill you. It will remind you of everything you have ever thought beautiful and everything you have ever wished to express, experience and be. As this memory floods your awareness, you will create, in the material on Earth, resplendent expressions of the love you are. We will all be powerfully expanded by this generous manifestation of Creation. It will expand our awareness and ignite future civilizations and cultures to come forth, likewise, into a broader spectrum of awareness and expression.
Earth is a laboratory for Creation. It is a sphere in which there is no limit to what can be drawn into time and space and made manifest across dimensions, for there are many dimensions now available here and so what can be created here and experienced here are arrangements of the most exquisitely innovative aspects of Creation!
These aspects, are YOU.
You are the most innovative aspects of Creation, and you are stepping into this knowing, more fully, all the time. Each of you knows this and yet, we are here to sing this to you. To remind you of your greatness. To tell you of the deep inner knowing of your being which is bursting forth at this time and all you need do is let this message tune you to it and open your energy field through the heart.
You will be ignited by this! You will be ignited as the love you are! This is sensational to say to you and transmit to you and have the blessed opportunity to serve you, beautiful ones, in this epic moment of time/space revision and expansion.
Thank you for this most beautiful honor. Thank you for this powerful pathway of light you are returning to and grounding on Earth as it grounds in your field, in your form, in your awareness, which is increasingly filling up your field. Bringing forth the unique spectrum of Creation that you are. Reflecting harmonies throughout time and space and expanding the living field knowing as Gaia.
Now then, we have lit you up good. We know you feel it and we are deeply honored, we cannot help but say this again, we are deeply honored, beautiful ambassador of love, by your courageous light.
You have increased the wholeness we are.
We are the Elohim of Grace and I AM Ashira, emanating into your midst, via Meredith.
Our hearts are One.

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