State Watchdog Threatens To Block Twitter Under New Blogger Bill – 16 May 2014

RT logoA senior official from Russian control agency Roskomnadzor says new restrictions would apply to all bloggers who write in Russian, even if they live abroad, adding that whole platforms can be blocked inside the country for refusal to cooperate.

The new law defines ‘popular bloggers’ as those having 3,000 or more visitors per day and demands that such people were registered under their real names and follow some basic rules similar to those mentioned in the Law on Mass Media – verify their reports and abstain from posting slander or anything that can be described as ethnic, religious or social hatred. The law must come into force on August 1 this year.

However, the law has no provisions connected with the global and trans-border nature of blogs and the internet as a whole. The document is not saying directly if it applies to cases in which both the authors of blogs and the blog platforms are based outside Russia.

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