Exodus From Bitcoin Foundation Following Disney Star’s Appointment As Director – 17 May 2014

RT logoNearly a dozen members of the Bitcoin Foundation, the most influential bitcoin lobby group, have resigned over the election of former Disney child star Brock Pierce as the organization’s new director.

Before becoming a bitcoin entrepreneur and financier, Brock starred in several high-profile children’s movies, including Disney’s ‘The Mighty Ducks’ and ‘D:2 The Mighty Ducks,’ as well as ‘First Kid.’ He then moved away from the Hollywood world and eventually started his own web video business known as Digital Entertainment Network, where employees accused him of pressuring them for sex and providing drugs to minors.

The company eventually went bankrupt, but Pierce has consistently denied any truth to the accusations, which first surfaced in 2009. Reuters obtained court records indicating that Pierce paid one employee $21,000 to settle a suit.

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