EU Presses Obama To Expand US Fracking Under TTIP While Banning It In European Countries – 19 May 2014

RT logoUnder negotiations for a new trade deal between the United States and Europe, the release of a secret memo shows Americans are being pushed to increase oil and gas exploration through the process of fracking and other methods.

Obtained by the Huffington Post, the memo contains the energy policies that EU negotiators are hoping to see implemented in a finalized Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Among the EU’s positioning is that “energy goods” – classified as “coal, crude oil, oil products, natural gas, whether liquefied or not, and electrical energy” – are determined to “automatically” comply with the processes needed to authorize export.

“Exports of energy goods to the other Party shall be deemed automatically to comply with any conditions and tests foreseen in the Parties’ respective legislation for the granting of export licenses,” the document states.

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