Noomap – Are You A Philanthropist With A Desire To Make A World-Changing Difference? – 19 May 2014

Are you a philanthropist with a desire to make a world-changing difference?

Noomap Needs Your Help Now To Connect & Empower Humanity’s Conscious Communities Around The World

Let's uniteThis is a crucial time in the evolution of the Earth and the human race, for humanity is now called upon to make a choice between evolution or extinction. As the unsustainability of humanity’s present way of being becomes increasingly apparent we are discovering new ways to share, collaborate and co-create that will allow us to move beyond our apparent dilemma and thrive as a species.

heartsAround the world hundreds of thousands of communities and groups[1] have independently formed offering an abundance of new solutions and ideas that have the potential to radically shift the course of humanity. This growing planetary culture[2] of conscious, ecologically aware, heart-centred individuals holds the key to a humanity that can thrive and evolve, yet it is hindered by the current socio-economic system and global technological infrastructure. This situation must change.

“If you meet people in this unnamed movement and aren’t optimistic, you haven’t got a heart”

Paul Hawken, Blessed Unrest

Noomap Will Empower Thousands to Bring About Planetary Change


Noomap is a revolutionary communications technology and social network designed to address this situation by empowering communities globally.  The more game-changing people we can bring together, the faster we can turn the tide.

The technology is based on the brand new concept of a ‘holonic’ map.  It provides a co-­creative space, where individuals and communities can share their perceptions; this includes visions, desires, intentions, skills, Screen shot 2014-05-15 at 22.43.55resources, events and passions.  Using Noomap’s unusual fractal brain-like structure, groups of all shapes and sizes can work together to problem-solve, share resources, vote, ‘crowd-skill’ and much more.  Noomap has no limitations; there is simply no other form of conventional digital media that provides such a limitless creative space.

      “Noomap is a piece of the puzzle; a piece that will aid us in making visible and bringing together all of the other pieces.” – Chris Larcombe

Gather togetherNoomap is destined to be an integral piece of the puzzle for the evolution of humanity. The development of the platform goes far beyond building another social network or website. If you choose to support Noomap you are also supporting the global gift economy, new-energy innovations, health and healing, social justice, community, environmental sustainability and a new breed of social entrepreneurs – ‘conscious philanthropists’ – that will redefine prosperity and altruism.

Noomap is Urgently Seeking Philanthropists That Want To Make a Planetary-wide Difference

Join Us In Facilitating One United Planetary Conscious Community Working In Harmony

Support usAfter three years in development, we are ready to launch Noomap on the world stage. Part of our roll-out plan includes finding philanthropists that can provide finance to enable us to organise a worldwide crowd-funding campaign that will pay for Noomap’s global release. Philanthropists will provide the crucial bridge through which we can get from prototype to action.  Without this critical stepping stone, the Noomap project will be difficult to fully birth.

If you are a philanthropist or someone that feels resonance in your heart with a vision of world-change, support of any kind can make a real difference in bringing about a project that can change the lives of many. Donations large and small, as well as help with living accommodation and costs for our core team can all help.  We need to raise at least £5000 in order to keep our team of four together and deliver the crowd-funding campaign.  Anything beyond this will speed up the process and enable us to bring in more developers.

If you are interested please email us at or forward the link for this page to someone who may be able to help.  You can also donate directly using the button below:

We would be delighted to provide a full tour of our software and vision for those that are curious to find out more.

Bret from the team shares a vision for philanthropists and sponsors

Find Out More

Noomap Co-creators

Noomap Community Gifting Model

Noomap Gallery (Coming Soon)

Some Reactions So Far…

“I’m SO excited for YOUR project..your amazing vision..and your MAD skills to make this thing a robust, comprehensive and multi dimensional healing, heart-opening, explorational, groovilicious, love & care generator of the highest ORDER…I’m even more Stoked knowing the UNLIMITED hearts and minds that will be moved, touched and activated by your AMAZING efforts and beautiful INTENTIONS!! Smilin’ from head to toe and from my heart to yours and EVERYONE on your precious TEAM dedicated to the elevation our collective consciousness and to Co-Create a more loving, caring, sharing, giving and infinitely groovier Planet we can all co-exist in and ultimately nurture and nourish each others hearts & Souls”

Brian – Noomap supporter

“It’s like multiple social networks combined. Its not just about sharing information with friends and family. It is more like sharing your life. There is so much potential. You can make it what you want – you can use it for any thing you need. It’s your whole life. This idea is the best idea and why I want to be a part of it”

Embrek, Age 13


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