The Pleiadians – Align and Integrate with Us – 21 May 2014


We come to speak to you today about the importance of living your life as the human having a cosmic, spiritual experience.  We have loved you and been with you for lifetimes as you have incarnated here doing your work for Gaia.  But, now more than ever, it is important that you integrate the cosmic consciousness as part of your natural way of being.  Do not see us as beings outside of yourselves.  See us as mere reflections of a beautiful connection to Source.  We are waiting for you for the time when we shall actually live side by side in our forms as well.

However, for those that don’t experience us physically all the time, know that we are merely an extension of oneness with you.  We have successfully integrated the DNA and transmissions for the 5D consciousness, and you no longer need to seek advice from us for we are one with you.  You can tune into the aspects of yourself that are Pleiadian now and ask the questions.  We have reignited your ancestry, and it is fully alive and awake.  We are joyously celebrating that WE DID IT! It is easier now for you to walk and talk, and act as your enlightened self

You see, even when you feel like you are not acting as your highest self, the light that you hold in the coding of your DNA and cellular structure still is always emanating out light.  The light is limitless and unending.  Those that have chosen to awaken the aspects of the Pleiadian lineage, are fully transmitting light even when triggering others, for the triggers are there to let other human souls see where they need to heal.

Many ask, “When will the whole world know you exist? When will it just be the norm to connect to you?”. And we say, the timing is up to YOU. It is based on the readiness of consciousness. We do not wish to create a wave of shock and pain.  We wish to come in when there is receptivity.  There is no rush.  You are eternal beings and have all of eternity for your planet to begin to expose that there is more to this Universe than the human existence.

One of the keys to this exposure and receptivity/readiness has to do with the people taking their power back from the larger organizations that hide things and keep things cloaked for greed purposes.  This is beginning to happen as many release GMO supports which takes the money away from the mass groups running the desire to keep the consciousness dim through toxins.  There will be more that has to be released before we are received here in peace.  One has to do with the people of Earth truly taking their power back in terms of resources and the use of oil.  This is one of the other pieces that keeps greed and control running the planet, blocking the receptivity to our integration in a physical way.  We have the knowledge as many of you do how using resources on planet Earth like hemp to fuel things.  There is no need to be fighting over oil, of course.  However, because certain groups are wishing to keep this away from mass consciousnesses awareness, we would not be received in peace.  As the people begin to reveal the truth more and more through the internet, you all will prevail in transforming the way this planet functions so it is aligned in the light.

Yet, this message is important because we say, you can still feel aligned, and close to us knowing now that we have completed the merge with you.  When you speak to us, you speak to yourself.  You are the Pleiadians.  We exist in our own physical forms, but through all the connections to us, downloads, and healings, you are actually now walking as very much Pleiadian.  It is a mixed heritage, but does not make you any less Pleiadian.  Therefore, you have access to all the records…the cosmic records of all that was, and all that will be.

Simply, summon the nature within yourself and ask questions.  It is still fine to connect to those who can speak our words clearly, but know, that you can do it to.  It is more about hearing and sharing the different ways others express things now, and also for the continued growth of those that are still discovering.

So for now, we truly impulse the radiance of light now into your hearts from our hearts, as we connect through a tunnel of light.  This opening of total heart to heart connection has  completed itself now and it is easy to feel the love we send now. We love you brothers, sisters, in this oneness. So la re en lo.


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We are one. The channeler, Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister.

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