Laura Bruno – The Quest For The Holy Grail – 22 May 2014


I LOVE this post! It touches upon so many of my very favorite things. A perfect birthday treat for this Mists of Avalon and Joseph Campbell fan. Cnawan has a way with words, symbols and photographs. I am so enjoying his journey, and the dream he shares is worth the read alone!

Originally posted on Ethereal Nature:

When approaching a discussion of one’s thoughts about the Holy Grail, it’s difficult not to be a bit circumspect. What comes to mind is the experience of King Arthur and his knights in the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail; when seeking aid from a French castle in their quest for the Grail, the French taunt Arthur’s entourage, saying, “We’ve already got one!”

Assuredly, everyone has their own vision of what the Holy Grail is and what it represents.  Nevertheless, I’m going to present my concept of it, even though you’ve already got one.

Actually, my experience of the Grail comes from a dream I had several years ago. I had picked up a copy of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s The Mists of Avalon and, so enthralled was I by her retelling of the legend, that I put aside all else and read the voluminous epic cover to cover in…

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