Lucas – EU – Voting Start Today In The Netherlands And UK – Do Not Vote – 22 May 2014

Is EU worth a vote or is it even a voting matter?

My view on so-called European integration and what I know and have learned about the push and development of the institute now called EU is not a nice one.  Most people have been taught in media, schools and university the so-called good for peace in Europe integration story and after that the story became a working together in all sorts of areas to have all together a better free competive prosperous Europe…

In the first place : I have never voted for the EU nor was I asked if  I wanted an entity like this or even have been asked to have a One European State! I never consented in any way towards having the Euro or further integration.  People do not see the Europe that is called EU  and is not democratic. If you create without consent of all citizens and humans living in the EU all sorts of institutes via treaties which just get ratified even when humans said clearly no it is not about democracy. We have seen and heard a lot in the media for years how the so-called democracy was set aside and even the so-called democratic rules! Integrity, really representing the people, not being corrupt, fraud, greed, criminal behaviour all we have seen. We know about the corruption and ongoing declaration fraud, still is said we can not do anything or audit as it is not possible. Bla bla.  Why should you give legitimacy to a system that is not representing you but the interests of corporations and a few greedy people who have an other agenda than they proclaim to have. The further enslavement brought upon you by greedy, control hungry politicians saying the one thing and doing the other… If bringing austerity to your doorstep for debts you have not anything to do with you should ask what …?  A criminal corrupt fractional reserve banking fiat currency  system by private bankers is in place and the newly created EURO and ECB – European Central Bank and all of the Central Banks in your countries are part of that, like the ESM  – European Stability Mechanism. Those Central Banks are private corporations and not your own countries treasury departments…. controlled national banks.


Do your research.  The same as America and its FED.  If you get robbed from: your homes, your earned money,  your land, your savings, your pensions and your wages, and get robbed from your social security and benefits and your labour union and social rights are hollowed out till nothing is left and you are a poor bastard you should be thinking? Are you already a corporate slave and thinking, eating, living, breathing the corporate story of you as a product and corporate service not being a human being!  Did you ask yourself the question why you all go along with this?  Why d0 you vote for a corporate manifesto state which is no democracy? Why are you thinking more competition will solve the problems as that has been part of the ongoing story to push for more and more member states into the EU. Luring in states to help the EURO failure project and its debts dispersed onto ignorant people and enslaving humanity in EU controlled hands step by step. The EU and its crony partner organisations like NATO/WEU and USA are having insurgents taking place in a country that was pushed to get into the EU? If the so-called Peace bringing EU is waging war without your consent  or even you having  a say or interest in that war,  you should be asking what is this EU really? Are you researching really what is?

The EU parliament is a farce. As more corporate lobbyists are going to push for corporate interest and nobody is really interested in the EU and voting for a parliament that is not even from an official state but a corporate entity that calls itself EU and is a supranational organisation now becoming a forced upon you European State. I did not vote to change the constitution of my country it got changed by treaties without my consent. Real referenda where not allowed in my country and when a referendum was not to the EU’s liking it got pushed aside… or voted again upon till yes was the answer. If still people said no after the voting till yes scheme not was working a new treaty or agreement would clear without a vote the way for the same with an other name on the paper.  It is that democracy you say to have which is no democracy. It is a corporatocracy that has its own private banking system, private corporate judicial system en court, its own private corporate police, its own private corporate fiscal policy without being a state and is ruling you also as a corporate entity called person!

If you vote for this EU entity you are complicit in giving legitimacy to an entity that supersedes your own constitution without having ever voted for this state or union and when said no to its treaties they still got on with it as if your vote or referendum did not count.  See it for what it is. The EU is pushing via bought or controlled media its own agenda and via subsidies and benefits and via funding it will make sure you are convinced it is a great organisation and you should go for it and you will benefit. It is a bribe towards corporate control that will be in the end your One Europe Huxley state. Go for it if you are ignorant or do not vote and protest against this molog of a pending corporate police state it wants to become in full.

Think, research and know. Not repeat like a parrot what you have learned in school, the mainstream media and the books funded by the EU and its predecessors. My advice, do not vote and get protesting your own parliaments  to undo all treaties and agreements you never have voted for… and get out of the EU and EURO ! Or even better get self-governing and abolish all parliaments that not really represent you nor your interests but only corporate interest and those controlling humanity.  It  is up to you to see or not. Just wake up!

Oh some smart asses will still say you can still vote and the EU is a democratic institution? They will say your parliaments have approved the treaties and that is then democratic legitimation… it is all just a question of really thinking and seeing what is? If your parliament was voting on constitutional issues without first asking you  as a citizen and human of that country what would you say? Do you agree on the constitutional changes made by parliaments or by treaty without you having a say in it? Did you vote to submit yourselves to something bigger unknown and  almost uncontrollable which is an entity that is not a state or country  but is superseding your own constitution? I have said no to the EURO as did the majority of my fellow country men and women when we got the chance to have a referendum and France did the same and said no. Still we got the EURO?   Is that strange. People keep on voting for submission and slavery!

You are told the most beautiful stories about democracy and we see now what the real face of this EU is in the Ukraine, Greece, Cyprus, etc. Stop voting for a EU and its so-called representation.  Get out of the EU!

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