Lucas – Memorial Day Weekend – Remember Freedom From The Perspective Of The NOW – 23 May 2014 an upcoming Memorial Day weekend it is also time to see reality in the now.  We should remember that what was for some a very intense experience in the past from a loss from somebody you cared for due to war and  other military missions. It is though not all about the remembering why people fought for a perspective  for a freedom now in the past. It is about seeing and remembering the factional perspective of all of us now being struggling and enslaved by financial tyranny and debt as well as the loss of our freedom and rights at home.

We should remember to see not only our past perspectives of winning or losing battles. Waving the nations flags proudly for a torn and divided country on all levels. It is time to make things right again for all and we need to remember what we can do as humans to make that change for all of us happen. The death are honoured and remembered but we need to remember not to be losing our lives in this world of corporate greed, a world  that is feeding us chemicals, toxins, hormones, antibiotics and GMO, a world making you sick by medications and vaccines, a world that geoegineers our weather and sprays our air with toxins, a world that pollutes our water by fracking chemicals, oil drilling, mining, etc, and a world were your water is  having fluoride added( a neurotoxin) and is full of other chemicals and residues, a world …….. we stopped taking care of.

Remembrance of freedom  some have thought to be worth fighting for is just One perspective. It seems  to have been a remembrance for veterans coming back from missions they in retrospect would never be fighting for. Veterans coming back being dishonoured and being handled as outcasts.  Being overwhelmed by problems of financial and medical nature and even a refusal of hospitals to take care. The disillusioned return from their assignments and places stationed wounded physically or even just hurt in their egos.  It is though an opportunity to educate others about the real truth of your missions and that what was hidden from most.  It is about you all taking a stand to make your country and humanity change. The financial, political and economical wrongdoing as well as things out of balance need to end. It is time to remember who we are and stand for our unalienable rights to be all living in abundance, peace and prosperity, ALL of us and not just a few. Remember and see what is NOW and not only the past.

Make your weekend a weekend of joy, reflection and start make change happen for all in starting NOW.  The change starts with you.

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    Great article Lucas!

    I would add the fact that our courageous soldiers world wide are not understanding that they have been trained to be killers and occupiers of Sovereign Nations around the World for Banksters and corrupt Governments “We the People” no longer can stand by and allow hate and greed to rule this Planet! We must stand together to fight the Tryanny and Oppression that is being levied at us in all directions.

    Our precious Sons and Daughters, our Loving Parents and friends who serve faithfully to defend our Freedoms just Say “NO!” “No I will not kill my fellow man! No, I will not help the military Industrial complex destroy another Sovereign Nation!” “No, I will not allow my Veteran friends and families to be thrown out like used paper once they return home with injuries caused by unjust Wars!” “No more will I fight for the Bankers who are funding the atrocities on the World”

    When we remember that we are all in the same boat together that we need to bail out the water together or we shall all sink🇺🇸

    Be blessed