Google, Yahoo, Facebook And Microsoft Push Back On Surveillance Gag Orders – 24 May 2014

RT logo(Lucas: Oh really, and are they also now retracting from all the treaties and agreements like TTIP to guard real privacy from corporations and your government colluding in gathering data and using it, and trying to control your internet! If you still belief your Net Neutrality and privacy and constitutional rights to be secured, get real!!! )

A number of large tech companies are pushing back against US government orders that they not disclose the number of data requests made as part of ongoing investigations, according to court documents unsealed on Friday.

The government gag orders are related to US intel requests to turn over information deemed of interest to national security, the details of which became public through leaks by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden beginning last year.

The so-called “national security letters” forbid tech companies from disclosing information regarding the intel requests. The Snowden leaks made waves among a number of Silicon Valley heavyweights upon their publication, as they implied to critics that private customer data was ripe for the taking.

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