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TheIndependent – Swansea Traffic Warden Caught On Camera Refusing To Give Ticket To Vehicle On Double Yellow Lines ‘Because That’s The Boss’s Car’ – 25 May 2014

The Independent

Member of public Steve McMillan confronts ‘boss’ to find out he works for Swansea Parking Services

By Adam Withnall

Quote: A man in Swansea who confronted traffic wardens over why they appeared to be ignoring an illegally-parked car was told that they were using their “discretion” not to give it a ticket – because it belonged to their boss.

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TheAustralian – ALP Falls In Line On Deficit Levy – 25 May 2014

The Australian


THE nation’s 400,000 wealth­iest taxpayers will start contributing to the fiscal repair task in five weeks after Joe Hockey secured his first budget win, locking in the numbers to shepherd the $3.1 billion deficit levy through parliament.

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Steve Lendman – Neocon WaPo Editors Urge War On Syria – 25 May 2014

StevelendmanWaPo editors long ago fell from grace. Credibility is entirely gone. Watergate-type exposes are verboten.

Editorial policy fronts for power. Extreme hawkishness defines it. New owner Jeff Bezos has CIA ties. He’s in bed with the devil.

He was bought. He was paid off. He got a $600 million CIA contract.

It’s double what he paid to buy WaPo. Late last year he said: “We look forward to a successful relationship with the CIA.” Continue reading

ActivistPost – Jefferey Jaxen – After The March Against Monsanto, Momentum Favors The People – 25 May 2014

Logo_activistpost-comIt is clear that we have just witnessed the largest single worldwide protest against a company and their products. What is also clear is the major public disgust for anything bearing the words ‘GMO’. Monsanto’s only refuge lies in massively funded mouthpieces in the form of news clips and certain public figures, combined with a legal stranglehold on scientific research and medical inquiries. Yet in the age of information, their propaganda is laughable. Meanwhile the townspeople gather, having replaced their torches and pitchforks with signs and banners. We see this time the battle being fought from a place of higher consciousness. Our weapons of choice are the devastating methods of non-compliance, civil disobedience, and free enterprise. It appears while the smoke is still clearing from what may be the final March Against Monsanto, momentum favors the people.

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John Ward – Modern Myths Debunked: The Fracking Miracle And the UKip Surge – 25 May 2014

JohnWA major myth of our times: do we need to ‘Get Fracking’?

I’ve blogged before about the increasingly rapid disappearance of the fracking ‘Saviour’ myth. But although the  irrefutable evidence of hype keeps on building, the UK enthusiasts scream for it ever more loudly.

Four days ago, the US The Energy Information Administration (EIA) literally more than decimated its estimate of returns from investment in California’s Monterey Shale by 96%. Continue reading

Jon Rappoport – Elliot Roger, Santa Barbara Killer: Parallels And Numbers – 25 May 2014

jon7These are preliminary notes.

For now, they’re based on media accounts of the killing spree on May 23, in Isla Vista, California—and of course, these media accounts of mass murders should never be accepted, on their face, as ironclad facts.

Rodger is reported to be the son of Peter Rodger, a unit director of the film, Hunger Games. According to press accounts, the father specifically directed a short film within that film—a propaganda piece extoling the “new society” in which ritual sacrifice of children in the Games is a way of never forgetting the treason of rebellion/war in the “old society,” the rebellion which must never happen again. Continue reading

Ukrainian Oligarch Poroshenko Winning Pres Race With Over 50% Votes – Exit Polls – 25 May 2014

RT logoUkrainian confectionary tycoon Pyotr Poroshenko is winning the presidential election in the first round of voting, having secured more than 50 percent of votes, several exit polls show.

Some 55.9 percent of voters have cast their ballots for Poroshenko in the regions of Ukraine taking part in May 25 elections, according to the national exit-poll. Another Ukrainian exit-poll organized by local TV channels claims the businessman has gathered 57.3 percent support.

Poroshenko’s main election rival, ex-PM Yulia Tymoshenko of Batkivschina (Fatherland) Party, is not likely to get a referendum on Ukraine’s accession to NATO that she called for on Sunday during a run-off ballot – as it’s highly likely that there will not be one. According to Ukrainian law, a single round of voting is enough for a candidate with more than 50 percent of votes to win.

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The A-Z Of European Parliamentary Elections – 25 May 2014

RT logoAs the final day of voting in the EU elections kicks off, Europe gleefully awaits the announcement of the results on Sunday evening– or does it? Follow RT’s alphabetized breakdown to find out about the polls, the parliament, and problems on the continent.

Voting began on Thursday in the UK and the Netherlands, with Latvia, Malta and Slovakia all casting their votes on Saturday. The final day of polls will close with Italians voting for their preferred candidate.

Low voter turnout and increasing Euroskepticism sweeping the continent suggests that the 400 million who have the right to vote may not want to exercise it; Ireland’s Friday exit polls showed that turnout stood at a mere 30 percent.

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Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 25 May 2014

marlene1-1Beloved Ones,

As the energy continues to come in waves, so too, do the symptoms your bodies are experiencing. Just when you thought that you were over the worst of them, another round is started. Take heart, Dear Ones, and know that it brings lightness of heart and being as the ancient memories in your cells are brought to the surface to be addressed and released. All that is of sorrow and sadness is being eliminated and in its place comes more refined light. As those at the forefront of this movement and transformation, you are doing a wonderful job of assimilating and eliminating. The ups and downs that you have been experiencing are a part of the process. Listen to your bodies and allow rest when it is needed and for some of you, this reminds you of the story of Rip Van Winkle who wandered into the mountains and slept for twenty years. This too shall pass. Continue reading

California Massacre: Hollywood Director’s Son Murders 6 Before Killing Himself – 25 May 2014

RT logoA 22-year-old gunman, who killed six people before taking his own life in California, was the son of a Hollywood director. Elliot Rodger stabbed three people to death and then shot another three near the campus of the University of California.

Rodger opened fire on bystanders from his car and then on foot, which eventually ended when he killed himself after a shootout with police. The incident happened in the town of Isla Vista, near Santa Barbara. Aside from the six people he killed, 13 people were also injured in the attack, including eight who were shot.

Police are now studying a YouTube video that shows a young man identifying himself as Elliot Rodger. The video had been posted hours before the shooting spree. During the clip, the young man demonstrates his hatred of women and popular kids.

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