John Ward – Modern Myths Debunked: The Fracking Miracle And the UKip Surge – 25 May 2014

JohnWA major myth of our times: do we need to ‘Get Fracking’?

I’ve blogged before about the increasingly rapid disappearance of the fracking ‘Saviour’ myth. But although the  irrefutable evidence of hype keeps on building, the UK enthusiasts scream for it ever more loudly.

Four days ago, the US The Energy Information Administration (EIA) literally more than decimated its estimate of returns from investment in California’s Monterey Shale by 96%.

96% is an awfully large percentage…but all it does is reflect what the objective science has been saying for over a year now: fracking is a false God.

A 2013 study by UCAL suggested that developing the state’s oil resources might add as many as 2.8 million jobs, and $24.6 billion in tax revenues.

But now, John Staub – an energy analyst at the EIA – says Monterey Shale holds a piddling 600 million barrels of recoverable oil….NOT 13.7 billion barrels.


And a second myth addressed: is UKip surging?

One of my favourite sites for the provision of evidence to deconstruct bollocks is UK Polling Report. If you scroll back through the last 18 months of polls there that include UKip, you will see- using identical surveys – that in March 2013, they were on 14%, in late April 13%, in late May 17%, in mid-October 16%, in mid December 18%, in late January 2014 back to 14%, in early March 11%, and in mid-May 14%.

There is plenty of evidence here of a Party with a solid base of support. There is no evidence at all for a surge.

The last time I looked, Ukip was expected to poll 28% in the euro elections. Let’s see what happens. / link to original article

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