ZeroHedge – China Scrambles Fighter Jet, Flies Within 50 Meters Of Japanese Airplanes – 25 May 2014

ZeroHedgeYesterday we showed how Russia and China hold “massive” naval drills in the northern part of the East China Sea (close enough to Japan for us to footnote “ahem Japan and Taiwan”), which in addition to a clear signal to the US (on part of Russia), was sending just as clear a message to Japan (on the part of China). Sure enough, overnight Japan was not too happy with this massive show of force by the two biggest and closest foes near its disputed territory. As a result it dispatched an OP-3C surveillance plane and a YS-11EB electronic intelligence aircraft. China promptly retaliated and as Reuters reports, it scrambled a Su-27, fully-armed with missiles, which came as close as 50 meters of the Japanese fighters – the closest Chinese warplanes had come to aircraft of Japan’s Self-Defense Force according to Japan – in what can only be described as “please take the first punch.”

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