John Ward – Spotted Having Dinner On Paxos Last Night: Mike ‘Mad’ Gove – 26 May 2014

JohnWSurrounded by minders and with a retinue of paparazzi in tow, Fatty Educationalist fanatic Michael Gove dined well and with great liquidity on the one-time paradisical but now touristical island of Paxos last night.

I wonder – can any Sloggers give me a firm fix on the location of the floating Murdoch Scandal Palace at the moment? It is usually available in the Aegean for the use of Rupertian arse-lickers at this time of year.

Meanwhile, here’s a post-dining shot of two prominent Murdochistas a snapper took earlier:


Yes indeed, two dyed-in-the-wool porky-pier wolves seen here staggering gainfully along a London street – the chap on the right oossibly about to be caught drunk in charge of a Barclays-bike provided by that fine upstanding Libor manipulator Bob ‘Legs’ Diamond, and chubby-chops on the left perhaps on his way to the Newscorp flat, there to sit at the feet of the Antipodean Master.

Yes, it’s good to see partners in the same Great Social Project liaising so closely on the subject of schools paid for by Dingos in return for immunity from prosecution. And if you think this a trite rant by some fluffy liberal, then let me point you at a Spectator article from two months ago, which had this to say about Mr Gove:

‘I always defended Michael Gove. Then I met him….Mr Gove visits two to three schools a week, but as we talk, a pattern emerges. He sees the best in everything and everything he sees adds to his conviction that he’s right… as our time together slips by, I come to realise that I might as well be interviewing Stonehenge. Everything I throw at him bounces back….He is brilliant and erudite, doing an almost impossible job and doing it with passion and commitment. And yet it is just possible that the minister is a monster.’

Well, just over two years ago, I met him very briefly at a Commons do – hosted by The 1922 Committee – about the future of education. I have to say, my politics are those of neither the Spectator not the Guardian, but Mr Gove made the exact same impression on me.

This man, I’m told, is good at backing into the limelight. He may yet, after 2015, become Prime Minister. We all need to bear this in mind.

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