Ron Van Dyke – Message From The Ambassador And The Red Dragon – 27 May 2014

Uploaded on 26 May 2014  by paradoxman316

After recording my video yesterday, the Ambassador called again, this time providing me with a message to deliver from the Red Dragon. ​​Here’s that message. “Change is on the horizon; and that change has a number. This number is 555. THE DRAGONS have decided to fulfill THE PROPHESY of 555, and use it as a remedy to destroy the tyranny that the people of the number 666 have brought upon us. GOD did not create good or evil; it came with our free will. We are the source of good; and we are the source of evil. We need to find peace within ourselves to be able to transmit that peace to others. Our hope is that humanity will allow themselves to find peace through trade and through cultural exchanges in order to enjoy human life and its flora [and fauna]. Let us build this world with the mindset that we are all one. The illusion that we have been living in a democracy has now brought us into a new form of slavery. We are as much free as a gold fish in an aquarium. If we pour poison into that aquarium, since we are not free on this planet, we will all die – no more gold fish. Let us clean this aquarium. Let us make this aquarium for all fish to live in as one single entity under peace; because a man in prison, while still in the mind, is always free. It is time for us humans to stop aggressing on each other and dividing us [ourselves] by religion and color. We must understand that all religions are all based on one fundamental belief: that there is ONE GOD. Unfortunately, the religious institutions on this planet have turned into an evil entity with a Satanic inspiration to control people and force them into submission in their different doctrines. To kill a person is to kill an entire humanity; and to save a person’s life is to save the whole of humanity. With that in our mindset, no differences of religion or race should justify tyranny and hate. We need, as a creation, to be set free and work together to create the new era and a new world. All the institutions in this world are getting ready for this change; and we hope that this change will be done without blood being spilled. 666, and you all know who I am speaking of, needs to surrender and repent; or we will remove this cancer from the planet. All keepers and holders who believe themselves to be owners of global assets need to remit and redeem their positions; and you all will undoubtedly soon know that the only remedy for global peace and prosperity is 555. THE RED DRAGON is moving on this earth and is being shown support by THE SUPREME INTELLIGENCE. THE COUNCIL will no longer accept this tyranny placed upon humanity; and we will promise to set all of humanity free. THE SHIP is now ready; and its chosen people are now arriving to their positions. Very, very, very soon we will show ourselves for the first time, and come out of hiding to engage humanity and live up to the global aspirations as one world and ​one human family of different colors, religions and beliefs to work together for a thousand years of peace and prosperity. People, do not submit yourself to tyranny anymore… you are all free and you have a free will given to you by THE CREATOR. All must now find peace and love, and not aggress upon your neighbor. Instead embrace them and break the boundaries set up by man that have been dividing us for too long… One world with many humans in peace and prosperity for one thousand years… 555.

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