Laura Bruno – Vandana Shiva: “Soil, Not Oil, Is The Future Of Humanity. It’s No Accident That ‘Human’ And ‘Humus’ Have The Same Root.” – 28 May 2014


Last lotus reblog of today.

Originally posted on Exopermaculture:

Four young people are scheduled to come over today to help Rebecca and I finish setting up the final garden beds in the GANG garden and planting them.  

Here are two beds that are mostly not yet planted, with fresh composted soil; and once planted, will have a layer of grass clippings as mulch, as does the newly planted cabbage/pepper bed in the photo below this one.


Here’s the corner we will be working on. The tarp covers a newly completed hugelkulture bed (these beds provide decomposing matter for 20 years and hold water; plus, they provide twice as much planting surface!). There’s also one next to it (you can barely see the horizontal logs behind the tarp) that doesn’t yet have soil on it. Notice that we’re also making beds next to the fence. The point is to hold all flows that come through the garden in the garden. Rain…

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